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Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Newsletter

No, no, don't go!!!

Sebastian's mom Claudia (she is a professional photographer) just got the opportunity of a lifetime in New York! Congrats are certainly in order, but we will be so sad to see Sebastian leave our class tomorrow. His mom will come at 2:30 pm tomorrow to read one special story, let all of the children from both classes enjoy some tasty Kosher goodbye cake, and allow everyone to give their last hugs to Sebastian and Nicholas (in Mrs. James' class).

Sebastian's last requests? Have the opportunity to enjoy rest time in our rocket ship and centers one last time with his friends. Wishes granted! Parting may be such sweet sorrow, but we can still have some sweet fun tomorrow!

We'll miss you, buddy. You will won't be here for the graduation slideshow in May, so here's a few to enjoy now. Thanks for the memories, and best of luck in NY!

Don't miss your spot in the FSAPS 1st grade!

Your child has brought home their re-enrollment form for the 2016-2017 school year. I hope your child is having a wonderful year at FSA, and that they will be continuing their journey with us! Please note that these forms along with the tuition deposit are due this week on February 5, 2016. Please don't miss the date...open spots for first grade are offered to newcomers after this date!!

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Valentine's Day- Love is in the Air!!!

Read on to learn more about what is in store for not only your kindergarten child, but for YOU too for this upcoming Valentine's Day! All of the following activities are scheduled for Friday, February 12th.

Sweetheart Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is almost here! So, our classes will host a Sweetheart Breakfast for all of you sweet parents from 7:55 am- 9:15 am in the cafeteria. Please feel free to come anytime during this time to enjoy breakfast with your Kindergartener. If you come with your kindergartener after 8 am, you will not be considered late- just walk in and relax at breakfast. All refreshments will be prepared by Mrs. James, Mrs. Irshadullah, and Ms. Fichter; no donation is necessary.

The menu will include a few breakfast favorites such as mini doughnuts, bagels, cream cheese, eggs, yogurts, fresh fruit, orange juice, coffee, tea, waffles, etc. We will try to have a completely Kosher menu but if something is not, we will make sure we let everyone know with a sign in front of the selection!

Valentine’s Classroom Fun

We will have some Valentine's Day fun in our classrooms on this date. We will make a Valentine's Day craft, graph with conversation hearts, play Valentine's Day BINGO, and more. This will not be a Valentine's Day party - but we will incorporate Valentine's into our lessons on this day. Students will also be able to deliver the Valentines they bring for their Kindergarten friends during this time.

Valentine's Day Mailboxes- Adult Size Shoebox Due by Friday!

Please bring in an adult size shoebox by this Friday. Mrs. Irshadullah and I will wrap the boxes in white paper and on Wednesday, February 10th the students will create awesome Valentine’s Day mailboxes! The entire Kindergarten class list (Including the teachers J) was sent home in the homework so you may send your child in with the Valentines for their friends on our celebration day (Friday, February 12th). Please make sure the names are printed clearly since the children will be delivering them themselves.

Elementary Valentine’s Day School Dance

We will go to the Elementary dance from 1:30- 2:30 pm on this special day! Your students will have a great time dancing with all of their friends. Students can "Dress Up" in their Valentine's Day best for this special day. Would you like to sign-up to volunteer your time for the dance? Click on the link below!!!

The 100th Day of Kindergarten

Wow. What an awesome day. I hope you enjoyed the mini newsletter I sent out earlier this evening. Here are a few more photos featuring our class and each student's poster. I love how different and creative each child's poster was and the kids were so proud! Thanks for helping make this a memorable day for your child!
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Poster Presentation Time

Yes, we counted every object on every poster!!!

Pre-K/Kindergarten Soccer Game

The kids had a great time on Friday playing soccer with the Pre-K students!
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Fabulous Flower Book Cooks

Friday we did our usual Book Cooks activity and the kids enjoyed assembling tasty Jell-o "Fabulous Flowers!" Almost everyone did a great job on their Fabulous Flower Awards that were a part of homework, however, we haven't presented them yet because a few students haven't turned them in yet and I don't want the children who don't get one to feel sad. Don't delay- have your kindergartner return their award for their friend TODAY!

Guest Storyteller Sign-Up

We haven't had many Guest Storytellers lately- please sign-up by clicking on the link below to come read on a Friday!
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FSAPS Maker Faire

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a Maker Faire at FSAPS this semester! A Maker Faire is the best Show (and Tell) on Earth! It is a festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

All students are invited to create a project to display at our school Maker Faire to be held on our campus. Please refer to the email sent by Mr. Turan this past week to find the project description if your Kindergartener is interested. We would like for students to submit project proposals to ME - their Science teacher by Friday, February 5th. These proposals can change! However, in order to participate you must have one turned in by Friday, February 5th.

Students who participate will have a chance to win an EXCITING award and a cash prize! [Kindergarten-2nd Grade Prizes include: LEGO sets, craft sets, and Snap Circuits!] Right now, only one student from our class has submitted a proposal...come on everyone! There are some great prizes to be won :)

I am SO excited to see what CREATIVE things my students will make!

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Box Tops for Education!

This semester the NJHS club is collecting Box Tops for Education for our school! For each Box Top collected, our school will receive 10¢. The homeroom that collects the most Box Tops between now and March 31st will receive a dress down day! Send in any box tops you have with your child from now until March 31st so we can be the winning homeroom :D

Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Send your Valentine a sweet message!

Student Council and Mrs. Carmona’s CMP/CE class are teaming up to sell valentines for the students to give to their friends or valentine.

What: A wrapped Cutie (mandarin orange) with a small candy and a valentine card.

Who: Anyone can purchase them for their friends or valentine.

When: Sales begin January 27th. The last day to purchase is February 9th. Valentines will be distributed on February 12th.

Where: Sales will take place in the cafeteria. Valentines will be distributed to student’s 1st period class.

Cost: $2.00 All proceeds will go to “Together We Learn – Juntos Aprendemos Community"-

Mission: Latino Network provides transformative opportunities, services, and advocacy for the education, leadership and civic engagement of our youth, families and communities

Curriculum Corner

Math: Finish up Chapter 7, Solid and Flat Shapes

Language Arts: Nonfiction book, "Little Quack" By: Lauren Thompson

Social Studies: Everybody Works Chapter Assessment (Monday 2/8)

Science: Start Chapter 6, Physical Science-Objects

Save the Dates!

February 1: January Reading Logs due

February 5: One adult size shoebox due

February 5: Re-enrollment forms due

February 5: Maker Faire Proposal due

February 12: Valentine's Day Dance, Sweetheart Breakfast, and Valentine's Day Celebration

February 15: Presidents Day - No School

February 25: PreK-5th Grade field trip to the Alliance Theatre