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Principal's Update - November 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences - A Time to Come Together to Advance Students' Learning

Children learn best when families, teachers, and schools work together to support their learning. As humans, we have a natural desire to be heard. However, effective communication necessitates that we make sure others can be heard as well. As we enter into parent-teacher conferences, we invite you to join our teachers in ensuring that parents, guardians, and teachers can be heard because when we take care of each other in this way, our children benefit.

Best intentions assumed

Emphasis on learning

Home–school collaboration

Examples and evidence

Active listening

Respect for all

Dedication to follow-up

Because of this ...

  • We enter our conversations believing everyone wants the best for the child.
  • We focus on conversations on the child and his/her academic and social-emotional learning.
  • We recognize that the child’s learning succeeds because of our collaboration.
  • We support our conversations with the child’s work.
  • We seek to understand before looking to be understood.
  • We respect that everyone enters the conversation with a unique relationship with the child and can offer a unique contribution to the conversation.
  • We are committed to following up to ensure common understandings.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Nov 5-6 - School Closed
  • Nov 11 - Veterans' Day Performance at 10 am
  • Nov 17 - PTO Meeting at 7 pm
  • Nov 18 - Preview Day for Book Fair
  • Nov 19-24 - Parent-Teacher Conferences and Book Fair in the Gym
  • Nov 19-25 - Early Dismissal 1:40 pm
  • Nov 25 - Spirit Day (wear blue and white)
  • Nov 26-27 - School Closed

  • Dec 4 - PTO Holiday Gift Shop at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Dec 11 - Superhero Day (Please no hoods, masks, capes, or accessories)
  • Dec 16 - PTO Meeting at 7 pm
  • Dec 21 - 3rd Grade Concert 7 pm
  • Dec 23 - Early Dismissal 1:40 pm and Spirit Day (wear blue and white)
  • Dec 24-Jan 3 - School Closed

  • Jan 4 - School Reopens
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