Reduce Reuse Recycle

By: Alex Trong Le and Dalena Tieu

Water Pollution

Scientists have proven that oil spills are harmful and damaging to the animals in the sea.

They are harmful to the marine birds, mammals, as well as fish and shellfish.

According to research, after an oil spill, there are specialists to deal with oiled wildlife.

Experts are trained to rehabilitate them and reform them to their environment.

Air Pollution

Scientists know that cars, trains, buses, trucks and many more vehicles create

carbon dioxide which makes the Earth hotter by 10 times every year!

Research have shown that we should travel by public transport more often, such as trains

and buses because they can carry more people on them. This will result in less carbon dioxide being released into the air.

Another way to prevent air pollution is to plant a tree because trees breathe in carbon dioxide

and turn it in to fresh, clean and new air so we can breathe in.

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Land Pollution

Research has shown that 95% of people in the community either litter plastic bags in the environment or don't dispose of them the correct way.

We must work as a team and all use 100% recycled greenbags! By doing this, we will reduce the amount of pollution that we have now!

As scientists have suggested, instead of using plastic bags, we definitely should use recycled greenbags!

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