Guelph Tree Canopy

Why Trees?

Ambitious Goal

Guelph has a goal of having 40% tree canopy by 2020. If you were look down on Guelph, almost half the area would be trees("Earth"). The tree canopy used to be about 30%, but recent estimates have placed it closer to 20%, that's half the amount of trees needed. ("City of Guelph sets ambitious tree-canopy target")

Population Increase

The population of Guelph is steadily rising, and with that comes building of new houses and lots. When lots are built trees are often destroyed although it is possible to protect the trees, of which there are many examples around Guelph. My suggestion is for the city of Guelph to charge companies for chopping down trees so new ones can be planted. As well trees are constantly being eaten by invasive species such as emerald ash borer and termites, which serves as a good reminder Don't Move Wood!

Why do I need trees?

Trees help provide the planet with fresh air and water and make the city a more heathy place as well as contributing to a sustainable ecosystem. Will one tree make that much of a difference to the planet? A single will not make a huge impact but many make a huge difference. Where trees really count is money. Having mature trees on a property can increase the property value by upwards of 5%, reduce air conditioning costs by 30% and reduce heating costs by 20%. ("Grow your property value by planting a tree") Plant trees now and you will save a lot. Besides, who doesn't want to sit in the shade under a tree on a hot summer's day?