Why they are bad!


- GMO foods can cause many allergy risks to people.
- They can cause medications to be less effective

- They can escape and become invasive species

- Can lead to liver and kidney problems

- Not tested thoroughly

- GMOs transfer genes in a much more unpredictable way compared to natural

- Threatens the biological diversity of our food supply

Potential Threats

The human body is not used to these new foods that are not even tested thoroughly therefore it can cause many health problems like liver and kidney problems and making the effect of medications weaker. These foods are not the same as natural; they can transfer genes in a much unpredictable way compared to natural foods where we actually know how it works. Eventually, we will all start to eat the same thing that makes up for all the foods we should be eating. This would cause the biological diversity of our foods to be destroyed. A huge threat that GMO foods bring is that it is possible that they can mix and escape becoming an invasive species. This could kill off the plants that we are currently needing and could kill the plants we currently need. Last, it is not good for the environment. It has increased the amount of chemicals we have to use and also takes lots of resources. GMOs have led to more herbicides being used. They are used to kill crops or weeds. Some of the GMO crops were developed to resist it therefore causing us to use more herbicides hurting the environment.