Army Soldier

Entry requirements

Educational entry requirements for Army Soldier

There are no educational requirements for regular army soldier you just need to be a certain age to join.

Physical entry requirements For Army Soldier

Candidates for army soldier are put in to several fitness tests if they pass them they can become soldier. There are different requirements for male and female.

List of tests that candidates need to pass:

  • Bleep test with score more then 10.2 for male and 8.1 for females
  • Press ups 44 in 2 mins for males and 21 for females.
  • Sit ups 50 in 2 min for both males and females
  • Static lift you need to lift bag for the height of 1.45 meter. Weight of the bag is between 15kg and 40kg.
  • Jerry can test you have to carry 2 containers 20kg each for distance between 60 and 150 meters depending on which job you are doing in less then 20 min.
  • 1.5 mile run (2.4km) in less then 14.30 min.

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Medical Entry Requirements of Army soldier

Your GP have to fill in medical questionnaire about you an then you have to full army medical test.

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