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Letest Technique Used in SMO(Social Media Optimization)

Social Media Optimization is a smart and efficient tool to build excellent online reputation of your website. Steps used to generate community importance to a website in the internet world using social media is very effective. Best SMO procedures will drive heavy traffic to a website through search engines but through different community channels. Social Media optimization is an online platform where people share their reviews, ideas and experiences with each other among their community. Different forms, that includes in social media are:-

  1. Audio

  2. Text

  3. Images

  4. Videos

  5. Presentation Links

According to SMO experts is concept of changes in implementation techniques of optimizing a website , so that a website is more easily linked to and more visible in social searches and website more frequently posted in blogs, podcasts and share among community.

Latest Techniques for doing Social Media Optimization:-

  1. Increase Your Social Linkability

  2. Make Tagging and Bookmarks easily

  3. Increase number of Inbound Links

  4. Encourage your visibilty

  5. Be a User Resource

  6. Increase Valuable Users

  7. Participate with readers

  8. Know how to target your audience

  9. Create contents

  10. Be real

  11. Don’t forget about your humble roots

  12. Don’t be afraid to try new things to be fresh

  13. Develop excellent SMO strategy

  14. Choose your SMO tactics wisely

  15. Make SMO part of your practice and update daily

Methods involved in Social media Optimization are following

  1. Blogging

  2. RSS Submission

  3. Social Searches

  4. Social Bookmarking

  5. Social Networks updates

  6. Micro Blogging like twitter