La Ciudad PONCE

By : Macy Roy and Michael Sarmiento


Puerto RIco is a United States territory. Ponce was founded in 1692 by Juan Ponce de León. Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center was found in 1975 and with some skeletons found underground from A.D. 300. Ponce was Spains capital of the southern area until 1898.


Puerto Rico is on the Carribean Sea which is known as La Perla del Sur ( pearl of the south). Ponce is southwest of the capital of Puerto Rico ( San Juan).

Important info:


77 public schools in Ponce


During the winter the temperature is in the high 70's or low 80s. During the summer the temperature is high 80's and 90's.


Baseball, basketball, biking, camping, and diving are some main sports played in Ponce, Puerto Rico.



System of government:

It is a U.S. government so it has the same President but a governor in Puerto Rico.

Antiguo Casino de Ponce

(English: old ponce casino) is a old structre built 1922. Originally built as a social club. it is currently used as a premier reception center.