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March 10, 2016

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Patriot Parents

Dear Patriots Parents,

Our Eagle interest has come to an end and our learners have had a soaring good time studying, investigating and exploring. Read what our learners liked most about eagles.

Maddox- "Baby eaglets are a foot long."

Ashlyn- "Bald eagles have the biggest nest."

Evan- "Eagles are beautiful and they have the widest wind span."

Dreyden- "I like the baby eaglets and the nest."

Kinslee- "I like their talons!"

Elly Rose-"Bald eagles fly so beautifully."

Daniel- "Bald eagles are strong!"

Andre- "Bald eagles have sharp talons."

Jose- "Bald eagles dive down and get fish."

Matthew- They hatch eggs and they are called baby eaglets.

Melissa- " I like learning about eagles the have babies, they eat worms, they eat fish, and they are fluffy."

Eniyah- " I like learning about the bald eagle because they are the greatest eagles."

Ethan- " I liked learning about the eagles beaks because they are sharp."

Bryson- "I liked learning about eagles because they are the symbol of America."

Lily- "Liked learning about eagles because they are a foot long and the babies are called."

Waylon- " I liked learning about eagles because they are National Symbol of America and they go for prey!"

Although we were not able to spot an eagle on our field trip to the Waters; we did see so many other interesting things like: frog eggs, moss, wild flowers, ducks, geese, tall trees, grass and we enjoyed the fresh air. We got a little muddy but we loved it! Thanks Mrs. Lang and parents for joining us.

If you would like to watch the live feed eagle we've been following, please go to: Our two eaglet friends have been growing. They are 44 and 42 days old. Our babies have grown since they were two weeks old.


Community K Class sings about Eagles

Earth Advocate

The weeks ahead: Ask your learner what Is an Earth Advocate.

Our learners are interested in inviting other PRS Learners to join the Earth Advocate movement. They are writing a story, pledge, and working on Earth Advocate pins. We want to help the world...Recyling, upcycling, and so much more.

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