Ancient Mesopotamia

Jai and Chris


Mesopotamia had Tigris and eupharates rivers. They had the fertile crecent a large arc of rich,or fertile farmland. Mesopotamia had no natural barries to protect from the enemy neighbors.


Canals was human-made waterways to keep them from floods. Surplus was more than they need that led divisonal labor.

Written Langauge

They created writing communication so they can talk to each other and record keeping. They wrote in cuneitoform the worlds first writing system. They wrote down with clay tablets with stylus.

Political systems

Their leader was king Hummurabi. He wrote his own laws. The social hierarchy was created to divide society by ranks and class. They had political units called city states. Sargon created the empire.


They created the wheel. They made ziggurats (a pyramid shaped temple tower). They made statues and epics gilgamesh.