Mollala Forest Killings- Worksample

Karri Wechselberger and Kaitlyn Dudgeon

Five bodies found southeast of Molalla

Molalla- Five decomposed bodies were found Tuesday on a steep, brushy slope in a private forest southeast of Molalla, Clackamas county sheriff's deputies said.

"There may be more," said Lt. Donald A. Vicars, a spokesman for the sheriff's department.

Vicars, who was at the scene near Molalla forest road, about 10 miles southeast of Molalla, said the area would be sealed off for several days while investigators looked for more bodies and for evidence of what happened,

The names, ages, genders, and causes of death of the victims were unknown, Vicars said. It also was not known when the victims died.

"They've been up there awhile," he said of the corpses . "They're decomposed pretty badly"

Vicars refused to reveal any further information about the condition of the bodies or whether anything else had been found in the area.

Vicars said the first body- nude and partly buried- was discovered about 10p.m. Monday by a bow hunter, whose name was not released. It was not known whether someone had tried to conceal the body or whether it was partly buried by the forces of nature. It also covered with brush,

Deputies searching the area Tuesday morning found two more corpses before a dog was brought in to assist the investigators in the rugged mountain forest of mixed evergreens and deciduous trees.

The fourth body was found by the departments German Shepherd tracking dog, Colt, at 5:15 p.m.

In 15 years at the department Vicars, who joined the search that revealed the fourth body said "I've never seen anything like this."

The woods where the bodies were found are part of a 90,000-acre timber farm owned by cavenham forest industries, a Delaware-based corporation. The land formerly was owned by Crown Zellerbach Corp.

Bill Pugh, Cavenham's security director for the timber farm, said the corpses were found in the same area in which he found a dead dog in January or February.

Pugh refused to provide any further information about the scene, citing his company's desire for privacy.

The area near the Molalla River is a vast recreation area popular itch swimmers, hunters, fisherman, and other outdoor enthusiasts,

The first four bodies were found within 50 yards of one another on an almost vertical slope near a dirt logging road, Vicars said. They were covered in brush.

"Brush grew up over them and around them," he said

The fifth body was discovered at 6:35 p.m. after deputies expanded the search area, he said.

Vicars refused to speculate about whether the people who died were victims of a mass murder, a murder-suicide or something else.

"We don't know what we've got," he said, adding that autopsies would be done as soon as possible by the Clackamas County medical examiner. The bodies will not be removed from the scene, however, until at least Wednesday afternoon, he said.

Lt. F. Sherwood Stillman of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office said late Tuesday that he did not know whether the bodies were connected with the Green River Killings.

He said information linking those Seattle-area killings was kept confidential.


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Molalla questions

1). Which statement is true?

A) an unknown amount of bodies were found in molalla

B) 5 bodies were found in molalla forest and there is no possibility of more

C) 5 bodies were found in molalla forest and an investigator suspects there may be more

2) why did the author include the size of the area the bodies were found in?

3) Is a comparison being made between the Mollala forest killings and the Green River killings?

4) how would you summarize the main idea of this article in one sentence?

5) what best explains why finding more bodies in the area would be difficult?

6) list two examples of what the author uses to describe the crime scene