Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

I absolutely love this book. It has the hero finding the villain in the beginning of the series and it goes on daring quests. The people and Nine worlds are beautifully described, giving the reader a wilder and greater imagination.

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The tree with a really tough name is what the Nine Realms rest on. It has Asgard at the top, Earth in the middle, and the rest around, connected, or in the roots. This tree has an added bonus- as many people may perceive such a land in space, Nordic Mythology claims it's in the center of nowhere, and all the animals have a purpose, like the squirrel who sends gossip around, causing havoc to Yggadrasil.
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Surt The Black One

An evil lord of Muspelheim, Surt is out for a sword that'll start Ragnorok- The end of the world. Only a descendant of Frey may pick it up, and therefor, he's waiting for Magnus to fall into his trap and give him the sword.
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The unwitting, unlikley, unkowing Hero- Magnus

Already orphaned, Magnus is living on the streets, staying away from his relatives and trying to move on after the incident that caused his mother's death. Watched over by two guys, Magnus confronts Surt, and ends up in a situation witch causes Magnus to enter another world.
Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam

Amsterdam- Imagine Dragon

This song talks about many people, and the first one is Mother, and he's got this hope of finding her, and this song is this song is about you're closest people and that only Time and fate can decide, just like for Magnus.
PTX, Vol. 2 | Track 2 - Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster- Pentatonix

The son is heavy with the bass and the energy- almost expressing anger, like Magnus and his life in the beginning of the book and towards the time he first went on the World Tree.

Rick Riordan

An amazing writer has created two wonderful series and other vivid books. He lives in Texas and continuing to write books. He has been called New York Times Bestselling Author.
The Nine Realms

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Nordic Myths

Since Magnus Chase heavily relies on Nordic Myths, here's a link. It might help you start a puzzle to what will happen next. Don't worry, it opens in a new tab.


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