Font History Project

Lissa Glover

Walt Disney

· Name of Font: Walt Disney Script

· Font Family: Script - Waltograph

· Characteristics of Font: Based on Walt Disney's stylized signature

· Original Use of Font: For the Walt Disney Company's corporate logo

· Current Use of Font: For the brand of Walt Disney

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· Name of Font: Transport

· Font Family: Sans Serif

· Characteristics of Font: Easy to read especially in bold

· Original Use of Font: Roads signs in the United Kingdom

· Current Use of Font: Still used around the world for different types of sings or transportation logos

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· Name of Font: Chiller

· Font Family: Ornamental

· Characteristics of Font: Reckless and dangerous look, very eye catching

· Original Use of Font: Made for graphics

· Current Use of Font: Still in use for graphics and illustrations especially around Halloween

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