A visit to Merryhill Elementary

Merryhill Peccole Discovery Day

Kindergarten friends visit 1st Grade

Kindergarten students had a busy day at Merryhill Summerlin!

It began with a tour with Mrs. Gotay of our beautiful campus. The students then enjoyed a science and language arts lesson with our first grade teachers, Ms.Gordon and Mrs.Hotze. You will enjoy the "Blooming in First Grade" project your child brings home, and ask about Ms. Gordon's disappearing penny!

The students visited a specialty class and had art with Mrs.Russell-Hart today. They discovered at Merryhill Summerlin the specialty class and classroom teacher often collaborate. First grade is currently studying habitats, such as the rain forest. The students are studying the layers of the rain forest in class. In art, the students are drawing a rainforest landscape with authentic plants and a poison dart frog or red-eyed tree frog, thus creating a more robust leaning experience for the students! Our new Kindergarten friends enjoyed learning some rain forest facts and drew a frog of their own.

Kindergarten had a great day with their new friends at Merryhill Summerlin! Ms. Gordon, Mrs. Hotze, and Mrs. Russell-Hart hope to see them next school year!


Parents, if you would also like a tour of Merryhill Elementary please feel free to give us a call at (702) 242-8838 and we can schedule one for you. We have five specialty classes and experienced, dynamic classroom teachers that would love to be a part of your child's academic journey.