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Story 2: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

!! WARNING !! This poster contains mild spoilers for the first book!

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Literary Term 1: Character

"There was one other School experiment that made it past infancy. Part human, part wolf - all predator: They're called Erasers. They're tough, smart, and hard to control. They look human, but when they want to, they are capable of morphing into wolf men, complete with fur, fangs, and claws. The School uses them as guards, police - and executioners. To them, we are six moving targets - prey smart enough to be a fun challenge. Basically, they want to tear our throats out. And make sure the world never finds out about us." -pg.2

A character is a person or animal in a story.

The main protagonists in the story are The Flock, who is consisted of six 98% human and 2% mutant people by the names of Max, Fang, Angel, Nudge, The Gazman, and Iggy. They go around the world to try to survive without being killed by the Erasers. They have six goals that they want to follow in the process of their survival.

The main antagonists in the story are the Erasers, who are also 98% human and 2% mutant who were made at the same place The Flock was made at. They were made to target The Flock and kill all six of them since they have escaped from the School.

Pictured: Angel and Max
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Literary Term 2: Conflict

""Max!" Angel screamed, high-pitched and terrified, and I spun around. An Eraser had her by the arms, and I raced forward,jumping over Iggy, who now lay unconscious. Two Erasers fell on me, knocking me down, one pressing a heavy knee into my chest. I wheezed and struggled, and one of them cuffed my face hard, his ragged claws digging deep welts into my cheek." -pg.16

Conflict is the problem which triggers the struggles between two opposing forces.

The conflict is Man vs Man because the two opposing forces are The Flock and The Erasers. The Flock is trying to survive from The Erasers, who are targeting them, kidnapping the younger ones (Angel, 4 years old and The Gazman, 7 years old and eventually Nudge, 9 years old), and eventually attempting to kill them. They have been in hiding for over ten years, until eventually the Erasers find their house resulting in them having to evacuate.

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Literary Term 3: Point of View

"Okay, I'm Max. I'm fourteen. I live with my family, who are five kids not related to me by blood, but still totally my family." -pg.1

Point of View is the vantage point from which the character tells a story.

This story is told in first person, in the view of one of the main characters, Maximum Ride. She tells the story from what she knows, however, that is all we know in the story. What we know is that Max is 14, along with Fang, and she is the alleged "leader" of The Flock. As the story goes on, we find out more about Max's past, what she sees and what goes on in her mind.

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Literary Term 4: Foreshadowing

"My heart pounded. I knew, I just knew, that my little one, my Angel, was inside. And she was on her way to a place where death came as a blessing." -pg.19

Foreshadowing is a hint (or hints) that the author gives to you about what will happen later in the story.

Foreshadowing is used all over the book, mostly at the beginning of bad situations or attacks from the Erasers. In both the novel and the manga version of this book, the author stops time for one to two pages for Max to narrate, in a way for the author to hint at you what will happen next when time starts again.

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"New Yawk, New Yawk!" - Maximum Ride; Part 3