Japanese Internment

By: Izzy BeckerBogan

The truth....

We live in fear of everything that is different.
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Share a coke with your friend... the Chinese

This ad campign is clearly telling us that Chinese=good and Japanese=bad. We are saying that the Chinese are our friends and they are nice and good people. We can be friends with them and share our drink with them. But the Japanese are bad and dangerous. They hurt us and they are violent so we shoud lock them away and shun them. The ad says good winds have blown you here meaning that bad winds have blown the Japanese here and they should all leave. We lived in this constant fear of people who are not like us. We try to inprison them and make them feel like they don't belong so they will leave.
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The Real Enemy

This shows a very harsh image of a Japanese soldier attacking an inncocent woman with a knife. This was a streotype image of the Japanese at the time. They were thought of as these violent, dangerous creatures and all they did was hurt us. This was not the reality though. The Japanese are dipicted as these monster that we should exterminate from the country. The monster is shown attacking the innocent looking woman because she is vulnerable and it shows how the Japanese attack and destroy innocent people's lives.
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The Facade

This picture shows some Japanese-Americans who were working in the internments camps. They were tending to crops that were most likely going to be used for the food for the people in the camps. The picture was taken to make life in the camps look not as bad as it really was. It was described to the public as a nice place to live, sort of like a litte neighborhood. The people are supposed to be happy even though they are being treated like prisoners. The camp is like a prision and they are made to feel like they have commited this horrible crime even though the only crime they "commited" was being Japanese.