Bayville School

Principal's Message

Thank you for all the support you have shown. The fall season is always a busy time when parental involvement is truly appreciated. There is a spirit of cooperation among our parents that focuses on the children first. The staff at Bayville School applauds your involvement as we attempt to make a positive impact on each child.


Our Parent/Teacher conference schedule is as follows:

11/25—Afternoon conferences only

11/26—Afternoon and evening conferences

Teachers will be scheduling only one conference for each student. If both parents wish to attend, please arrange your schedule accordingly. Due to the limited amount of time, additional conferences cannot be scheduled.

Only parents should attend conferences. No siblings or other children, please.

November 25th— dismissal 12:40 pm

Afternoon conferences only

November 26th— dismissal 12:40 pm

Afternoon & evening conferences

November 27th— 4 HR Session

November 28 and 29 - School Closed



Each holiday season Bayville School has a Dream Tree set up with a list of students by birth date and gender who are in need of some gifts for the holidays. The Dream Tree tags will be on the tree beginning November 19, 2019. Adults who take a tag need to sign up with the secretaries. Please bring wrapped gifts to the main office by December 16th and tape the tag to the package. Thank you for supporting our students in need!



If you have not already done so, please log onto the parent portal of our school website. Please check all phone numbers and edit if needed. It is very important that we have the correct numbers to be able to reach you. You must answer all parent questions including Photo Press Release, Emergency Closing Procedures, KI Fact Sheet.

If you have any questions about the parent portal please contact the main office.



Report Cards will be posted on our Parent Portal November 16, 2019.

To view your child's Report Card go to our District web site > Parents > Parent Portal, and type in your portal password.

Our Honor Roll quarterly awards ceremony for 4th grade will be held at 8:15 am on Thursday, November 21st.


School Recess/ 4 Hour Days

11/4 -11/8 School Closed

11/25 - 12:40 dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences - afternoon conference only

11/26 - 12:40 dismissal - Parent/Teacher conferences - afternoon & evening conferences

11/27 - 12:40 dismissal

11/28 & 29 - School Closed/Thanksgiving Recess


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November Calendar

November 4-8

  • School Closed

November 11

  • Veterans Day - Wear Red, White, and Blue
  • Marking Period Ends
  • Play Practice - Pick up at 4:00 pm
  • Enrichment - Pick up at 4:00 pm

November 12

  • Clubs @ 7:35 am
  • Starfish - pick up at 4:05 pm
  • Enrichment - pick up at 4:05 pm
  • Basic Skills After School Program - pick up at 4:05 pm

November 13

  • PTA Meeting @ 7:00 pm

November 14

  • Starfish - pick up at 4:05 pm
  • Basic Skills After School Program - 4:05 pm

November 16

  • Report Cards Posted on the Parent Portal

November 18

  • Play practice - pick up at 4:00 pm
  • Enrichment - Pick up at 4:00 pm

November 19

  • Clubs at 7:35
  • Starfish - pick up at 4:05
  • Enrichment - pick up at 4:05
  • Basic Skills After School Program - Pick up at 4:05

November 23

  • PTA Bingo Night - Doors Open at 4:00

November 25

  • School Dismissal @ 12:40
  • Parent-Teacher Conference - Afternoon Only

November 26

  • School Dismissal @ 12:40
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences - Afternoon and Evening

November 27

  • School Dismissal @ 12:40

November 28

  • School Closed