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Friday, January 14th, 2022


Dear Parents,

We will be allowing students to exchange valentines this year. Each student may bring valentine cards for the students in his/her class. The student should write his/her name in the “from” section of the valentine, but leave the “to” section blank. This will help with the valentine delivery. Students may attach one piece of candy to each of their valentines. Parents may not send goodie bags or other celebratory items to school. (This includes candy, flowers, balloons, cookies, etc.) In addition, deliveries for students are not allowed at Sampson. Students will be instructed to bring their valentines (and pieces of candy) home to enjoy.


Heather Motzny

Upcoming Events

Friday, January 14th & Monday, January 17th: Student Holiday

Tuesday, January 18th & Wednesday, January 19th: Spirit Night at Willie's Grill & Icehouse

Wednesday, January 19th: Class Picture Day

Wednesday, January 20th: 3rd Grade Garden Day

Monday, January 31st: Last day to purchase a Sampson Yearbooks

Thursday, February 10th: Valentine's Day Spirit Shop 4:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16th: 4th Grade Papa John's Spirit Night

Monday, February 21st: Chick Fil A Spirit Night from 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Science Resource Center

Due to Covid numbers, our January face to face demo training sessions will be rescheduled for February.

Spanish Action Based Learning Lab

K & 1st: Review How are you? and What's your name?

¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)

Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hello or hi, how are you?)

Bien, gracias ¿y tú? (Good (or fine) thank you, and you?

Bien, gracias. (Fine, thank you)

Adiós o hasta luego. (Goodbye or see you later)

¿Cómo te llamas? (What’s your name?)

Me llamo ______, ¿y tú? (My name is ______, and you?)

Me llamo_______. (My name is ______.)

Mucho gusto. (Nice to meet you)

Mucho gusto. (Nice to meet you)

2nd-4th: Review Feelings:

Sentimientos (Feelings)

Me siento (I feel _______.)

Él se siente _________. (He feels ________.)

Ella se siente __________. (She feels _________.)

Feliz o contento/a (happy)

Triste (sad)

Cansado/a (tired)

Enojado/a (angry)

Asustado/a (scared)

Cómico/a (funny)

Sorprendido/a (surprised)

Preocupado/a (worried)


Sra. Betancourt

From the library

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Counselors Corner

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PTO News

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement Needs YOU! Go to and look at SignUps!

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Yearbook Order Deadline is Jan 31, 2022!

Yearbook sales close at the end of this month! Don't miss your chance to order!


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Willie's Grill & Icehouse Spirit Night

Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th ALL DAY!
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Spirit Night at Papa John’s

Fourth Graders Spirit Night at Papa John’s- Feb.16th
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Chick Fil A Spirit Event

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Fifth Grade Party Meeting

Join us for an information meeting Jan 25th 9:00 a.m.
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Covid Dashboard

Click this to see a live representation of Covid in all of Cypress Fairbanks ISD.

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