What's in your backpack

The thing's i would need to survive in the smokey mountains.

This is the high capacity book bag I will be using in the adventure.

This backpack that I am using is a high capacity state of the art back pack. That can hold up too 4,089 cubic inches just in the main pocket. It also includes a hydration pack in for water that can hold 1.5 gallons of water. Also light weight the pack pack it's self only weighs 3 pounds. To conclude this, this backpack has adventure written all over it.

Things I will bring to help me on this adventure.

I will be brining 10 things on this adventure that are extremely effective but yet still compact. One will be a pistol I will have it holstered to my thigh, also a knife but will be holstered to my boot. In my back pack I will have a sleeping bag and a tent that can be held in your hands. They will take up minimal space in the bag. I will also have a few yards of high strength rope. I will be being a small water proof lighter and a flare gun just incase I see a plane or someone. Also I'll have iodine and a canteen so purify water. Plus I will have a military grade flash light that can blind people if they look at it at the end of the flash light it is sararted so if I see something and I only have the flash light I can kill them with it. A few things two a good sized tarp, a watch that also is a compass has a barometer built into it and can tell you what elevation your at.

Some of the things I will be bringing.

I will be fighting against the rugged Terain of the mountain and the wild animals in the mountains. There are bears, elk, deer, & racoons. I will be looking for a flat area close to water. Set up my tent and sleeping bag then go off hunting. I would be looking for deer I will have to be extremely quite and smart with my moves. And have to be aware of bears that might take it when I get to it or just try to kill me I will have to pull out my pistol and shoot it up until it died. It would be great meat and I could use its skin for a nice rug. Then I'd go gather some greens and other stuff so I can have some vegetable too. Like berries & onions but if have to be careful some might be poiseness and kill me or just me sick and throw up then I will dehydrated and I'll need to drink a lot of water but I will use my compass to hopefully find civilization I will look for power lines and follow them all the way until I find people who can rescue me.