John Marshall/LMS Adv. Academics

Classes Offered

2022-23 Classes and College Course Number

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Art AP

Art Appreciation Dual - Arts1301

Anatomy & Physiology Dual - Biol2404

Biology AP/DC - Biol1406 & Biol1407

Chemistry AP

Physics 1 AP

Calculus AB AP/Dual - Math2413

Pre-Calculus OR - M305G

College Algebra OR - M302

College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Dual - Math1414 & Math2412

Statistics AP

Computer Science Principles AP

English III Language and Composition OR - RHE306K & RHE309K

English III Language and Composition AP/Dual - Engl1301 & Engl1302

English IV Literature AP/Dual - Engl2323 & Engl2324

English IV - Language & Comp Dual - Engl1301 & Engl1302

Business Management Dual - Busi1301

Music Theory AP

Criminal Justice Dual - Crij1306

Culinary Arts Dual - HAMG1170, HAMG1321, Chef1205 & FDNS1301

Spanish III Language 3 Dual - Span2311

Spanish IV Language & Culture AP

Spanish V Literature AP

Human Geography AP

US Government AP

US History AP/Dua - lHist1301 & Hist1302

Economics (Macro) AP

World History AP/Dual - Hist2321 & Hist2322