Hobart MS

Expectations! Please Review!

Tight To The Right! School Wide Initiatives!

Tight to the Right

  • Students must stay on right hand side of hallway. Students should continue to stay on right hand side when turning a corner or going up the staircase. This is critical for safety! Staff should be monitoring this expectation consistently. Standing in the middle of hallway so that students are forced to stay to the right is a great idea! For this expectation to continue to work, we must ALL be proactive!

Classroom Expectations

  • Students must remain in seat unless teacher allows for group work, etc. Students must raise their hand to ask question, get permission to get up, etc. Consistency throughout the grade levels/subject areas is key! (It is understandable that RA classes or Core classes may need to adjust for activities and such, but this is our baseline. ) Our students need to know school-wide expectations. It makes it that much easier to transition from one class to another.

Grade Book

  • Grades MUST be updated once a week. Pick a date! Keep to that date! It makes sense to make sure your TEAM is on the same page with grades. Parents are calling now more than ever in regards to their child's grades. (CPR has a lot to do with this.) Mass emails can be done in Skyward. Team leaders or another member can send a mass email to parents letting them know upcoming tests, projects, progress reports, etc. Communication is KEY!!! We need to step this up a notch! Let us know if you need help with mass email. We can get Tammy May in during your Team prep.


  • Please make sure you are meeting with your Team during Prep to go over CPR students. Make sure you remove students who are now passing and don't need this. It is imperative that you allow students to check their grades and take ownership! (CCR time once a week is a good opportunity, or if a student finishes Career Cruising assignment before class is over.) Think outside the box! Our office is working on ways to improve CPR as well. We have ideas we will share with you soon. Don't worry--- this is more or less consequences for students.

Emails/Parent Phone Calls

  • Please make sure you respond to parent emails and phone calls in a timely fashion. I know we are all busy, but we need to partner with home! You should be checking your email before school and during prep. Make this a priority.

Zero Period

  • Consider having struggling students come in for extra help in the morning before school starts. Staff arrive at 7:15, but students aren't dismissed into the hallways until 7:30 or a little before. If you let us know ahead of time, we can send students to your classroom. Some of you have been doing this.