Soccer to Coppell Middle Schools

CISD still has no soccer program

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world! There must be a reason for this!

Soccer in Coppell?

With no soccer in Middle Schools in Coppell history, the Coppell High Schools soccer performances in the past includes 1999 State Semi-Finalist, 2002 State Semi-finalist, 2004 State Champions, 2005 State Semi-finalist, 2006 State Finalist, 2013 State Champions. With such a great soccer program with ways, specifically adding a middle school soccer program, to get better holds a great future for Coppell soccer.

Why isn't there a Coppell Middle School soccer program?

There really isn't a reason, but the reason Coppell gives is the budget which truly in fact is not a good excuse. Coppell is one of the wealthiest schools in their district, and alomst every other district has a soccer program at the Middle School level.

Middle Schools with a soccer program