Having Fun in Year 1


Year Ones have been reading and enjoying a range of books, stories and reading experiences.......

  • reading favourite stories, modelling expression and phrasing
  • reading aloud to each other and adults
  • re-reading favourite stories
  • spending daily time in the reading corner
  • choosing books they like to read
  • visiting the library each week
  • developing reading independence by choosing their own books
  • hearing and inquiring into stories connected to the unit of inquiry
  • paired reading
  • looking at pictures to understand and make sense of the story

Acting out the 'Sulky Vulture' and the 'Happy Zebra'

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Over the next two weeks we will be......

  • whole class reading
  • reading with individual children
  • continuing to establish routines to set up small group focus
  • small group focus on rhyme, syllables and letter sounds
  • encouraging children to read with and to each other

Things you can do to support your child at home......

  • read to the them - library books, favourite books
  • come along to the reading workshop 30 October
  • watching books online using Primary Ding (watch video for how to access DIng! reading resources)
  • listen to audio books
  • visit the school and/or your local library
  • play 'I spy' using letters and sounds
  • make yourself a role model by reading
Online Books - Ding!