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October 13, 2017

Practical Life

Practical Life is an essential component of the Montessori Curriculum. What is practical life? It is every day living skills and it looks different for every age. We are so fortunate that such an emphasis is put on practical life at our school. It helps nurture the WHOLE child and prepares them for their future.

What does practical life look like? It will look different for each age group. However, it is essential to recognize that for every age, there is a huge component of independence that is in place. It is also important to note that the independence did not happen over night and centers around the prepared environment that allows them to be successful.

  • Infant/Toddler- A child may pour their own pre measured drink into a glass cup. They may help prepare a meal. The child will be responsible for taking care of their own dishes.
  • Primary- A child may work on pouring or cleaning skills at a work station. Students may help prepare snacks or meals. Children will be responsible for cleaning up their own messes
  • Lower Elementary- A student may learn how to sew a button in fibers. Children will be responsible for reading recipes and creating a meal for their friends. They will be responsible for serving themselves their snack and lunch.
  • Upper Elementary- A student may have a weekly job to take care of the class pet or water flowers. Students will help prepare and set up snack for their friends daily. Students will help develop and plan for the week's snacks and meals.
  • Middle School and High School- A student will be responsible for his/her own work and deadlines in class. Children will work on campus in our horticulture program caring for our plants and grounds. Students will be responsible for cleaning up their enviornment at the end of day.

With all of this in place at school, there is a great opportunity for it to carry over to home. Again, independence will not happen over night and as parents you will need to prepare your environment to allow your children to be successful, but practical life can be an essential part of your home life.

  • Allow your children to help care for home pets (feeding, cleaning and giving them water).
  • Keep snacks and food at appropriate levels for your child to make their own snack choices. Label and discuss appropriate amounts and serving sizes.
  • Allow your child to help prepare a meal. For older children, have them read recipes, prepare a grocery list, make the meal and even clean up.
  • Let your child help with chores such as laundry, loading dishwashers (they already do this at school) and vaccuming.
  • Have older children research insurance prices for vehicles, track the expense of gas in their vehicles, help budget for a family vacation (let them help plan what to do).

Practical life can sometimes be messy and will not always be perfect, but as a community we can feel good in knowing we are preparing independent, life-long learners. If you capture a Practical Life moment at home, be sure to email Jeanie Henderson at so we can feature them.

Dates To Remember

October 16-20- Fall Break

October 26-28- Captain Louie Jr. Production at ECP

October 27- Primary Favorite Book Character Day

November 2-4- High School One Act Play Competition

November 4- Fall Fest

March 10- NEW Spring Benefit Date. . . Mark your calendars!!
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Big Fish

Camden Doolittle, a Lower Elementary student, will be playing young Will in SC School of the Arts 'Big Fish' production. It will be playing next week on the Anderson University Campus. Not only has this been a fantastic opportunity for him, but the cast, crew and production really are top notch! Along with a heartfelt story, there is singing, dancing and fantastically mythical characters that all ages will enjoy.

Here is the link to the event dates (10/19 - 10/21) and tickets:

Theatre Events

MSA Eagles Athletics

Catherine Hiebel will be representing our school at the SCISA State Swim Meet in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday.

The girl's volleyball team would like to thank everyone for supporting their "Volley for a Cure" fundraiser. They raised almost $700 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by selling T-shirts, luminaries & offering sponsorships for the T-shirts.

The team finished their regular season at their fundraiser match on Monday and are anxiously waiting to hear if their third place region finish will send them to Myrtle Beach next weekend for the State Tournament.

The cross country team wrapped up their season with a meet at Oconee Christian Academy on Tuesday.

Please check the website for our upcoming athletic offerings - Anderson Church League Basketball & After School Mileage Club


Join our social media community with our new hashtag, #msatogether. When posting about MSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use #msatogether. This will allow us to all see what is happening in our community on campus along with great Montessori Moments off campus.
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Notes from Nurse Merriman

Nurse's Notes: Happy Fall!!! This serves as a reminder that now is the time to get vaccinated against flu. Unfortunately, MSA will not be offering vaccines on campus this year due to widespread availability of the vaccine at healthcare providers offices, vouchers provided from insurance providers and lack of space on campus to accommodate a campus wide flu clinic.

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others. “Flu season" in the United States can begin as early as October and last as late as May. During this time, flu viruses are circulating at higher levels in the U.S. population. An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the BEST WAY to reduce the chances that you will get seasonal flu and spread it to others. When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread through the community. After you get the vaccine, it takes a couple of weeks to build up immunity against flu viruses so ACT NOW to get vaccinated!

With healthy and safe regards,

Suzi Merriman, RN

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Montessori School of Anderson

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