By: Jaycob Hoover

Great Bear Dunes MI

Great Bear dunes has some challenges and some good opportunities! here is some info about this beautiful place. 1 some of the challenges are the wind and the waves if you are on the beach. the other one is the water erosion. the great opportunities is they have awesome beaches, climbing the Sand Dunes, museums, also lets not forget swimming in the beaches, you can also bird watch :) Lets not forget when you should go there. you should go there around summer and during mid day. you should pack sandals,shorts,and a lot of water if you want to stay hydrated

The Pacific Ocean

the pacific ocean is a wonderful place to see and visit if you like water! But the pacific ocean does have some very bad challenges. Some of the challenges are the dark creatures that lie beneath the top also whirlpool. some of the great opportunities is swimming, and scuba diving. bird watching. some of the time you should visit it during the summer time,and you should pack a swimming suit, camera,and your family:)

Mount Saint Helen

Mount Saint Helen is 2,550 miles long and is awesome to view at various points, but at some area it can be dangerous. some of the challenges that are at mount saint Helen

because it could randomly explode and you might get hurt. some of the opportunities are you can hike or climb it. what you should pack: hiking shoes, hiking sticks, and oxygen tanks because the air gets thin. and you can go at anytime but not at night. HAPPY TRAVELING