Principal's Corner

February 7th

Parent Conferences

We will be holding our next set of parent teacher conferences on February 22nd and 23rd. Please submit to Letty the names of 15 students whose parents you would like to meet meet with. 6th grade teachers, please schedule conferences with any students who are receiving D's/F's.

Our 7th/8th conferences will be a little different this time, because instead of creating a schedule for parents to meet with you, we will be letting parents know of the time frame (1:40-3:15) and they will be able come any time during that window. We've found that in the past it's a lot of work to create a formal schedule, when many of the parents don't show. We're going to see how this model works, then make adjustments as needed. Please make sure that Letty has your names by Wednesday morning.

Assessment Update

CFA's were administered this past week. Please make sure that all answer documents are scanned into EADMS by the end of the day on Tuesday so that you can analyze your data together in PLC's. During your data analysis process, please make sure to print off your class performance band data as well as the Item Analysis Report. This is the report that Sue reviewed during our last Data Analysis T & L and provided instructions for you to print. If you have any questions about how to print off this report, please check with Sue. I want to make sure that you're able to discuss the challenging assessment items with your PLC

Standard Plus Resources

This past week I shared the Standards Plus resources with the ELA, Math, and 6th grade Teams. We were provided with District funding to go ahead and move forward with this Common Core aligned, SBAC prep resources. I realize that not all teams were in favor of using it, but with District support, and with 2 teams in favor of it, we are going to move forward with using it. We will begin the purchasing process next week, but it could take up to a couple of weeks to receive the product. In the meantime, teachers or departments have copies of the booklets. Please begin by copying the first two weeks of lessons for students so that you can begin this important process of reviewing concepts leading up to the SBAC assessment. Please start this daily, 15 min. review process no later than the week of Feb.15th, although, I know that many of you are anxious to start as early as next week.

8th Grade Visit to EUHS

WMS and EUHS are planing an 8th grade visit to EUHS on Wed., April 6th, from 9am to 12pm. We thought it would be more fun and informative for he students to visit the high school instead of the high school administration coming to visit our students here. 8th grade teachers will be chaperonage the event. More information and bus seating will come as we get closer to the event, but an initial draft of schedule is as follows:


8:50 Leave Wilson

9:00 Arrive EUHS Auditorium/Farm

- Two buses arrive at EUHS

- Two buses arrive at EUHS Ag Farm

9:15 Presentation and Games

10:15 <Dismissal> switch location

10:20 New group arrives EUHS Auditorium/Farm

10:45 Presentation and Games

11:45 <Dismissal> Leave for Wilson

CJSF Students will Visit the Reagan Library

This Wednesday, Feb 10th CJSF students from WMS will be taking a field trip to the ReaganLibrary in Simi Valley, The students have worked hard to fundraise for the trip and Miss Kelly had done a great job in coordinating and planning for the event.

WMS JAG Program Mural

The WMS JAG program that is overseen by Tori Davis, will be working on painting a Wilson mural along the east end of the 200 wing. Painting will begin in March and will conclude by May before school ends. Students will be painting with muralist, Eric Gonzalez. This will be an exciting, community building event for our high risk student to participate in.

SBAC Spirit

We held our first sprit planning meeting for the SBAC assessment on Friday. We've come up with several ideas, but we would really like your input too. Please follow the link below to provide input:

Advanced English Applications for EUHS

The application process for Advanced English for EUHS will begin soon. Below are a reminder of the timelines for ELA teachers:

  • Packets will be dropped off February 12th and available for 2 weeks in each English classroom.
  • · Packets should be completed on the student’s own time (not during class time).
  • · Packets are due to the front office or teacher by March 1 (please date any that are late submissions).
  • · Recommendation forms from teachers are due to Sonia by March 3
  • · EUHS will pick up all materials from Wilson on March 4th
  • · Students will be notified of placement by the middle of March, and they will be instructed in how to receive their summer assignment

PTO and 8th Grade Parent Meeting

Our PTO meeting was rescheduled to Feb 16th rom 6-7, and our 8th grade parent committee will be meeting right after from 7-8