Autumn Creek Elementary Newsletter

August 3, 2021

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Principal's Message

We finally are beginning the move in at ACE! Our teachers and their family, friends, and just about anyone else they can find are helping them move into rooms and get organized. We stopped on Saturday morning at 9:30 for a team huddle and I reminded them to enjoy these moments and the company of our colleagues and friends. It is stressful moving into a brand-new building, but we have folks who are not intimidated by it! This is a great team, and I'm excited for you to meet them this week.

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Construction Update

We finally got approval by the fire marshall on Thursday night to move into the building! All of us were admittedly anxious about it, but it worked out so that we have about 10 days to move in and get situated.

The furniture crew is finalizing setup of furniture in classrooms and offices, while painters are patching dents in the walls in preparation for paint this week. The learning pods are scheduled to be complete by the first day of school, including all of the associated decorations.

For those who have ever gone through the experience of moving, you know that things are not completely put together and cleaned up for some time. It will be similar here at ACE. You will see some boxes, you will see areas that need touch up paint, some dust on the floor, and equipment throughout the building.

We will have a lot of that cleaned up by the first day of school, but even then we will have crews continuing to finalize the work on this building. What you will see on Thursday at Open House, though, is a beautiful building that is designed for your kids. They are getting the best, and we can't wait to show it to you!

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Open House, Thursday August 5th

We will finally get to welcome you into our beautiful building this Thursday! Doors will open at 4:30pm with the first sessions starting in the cafeteria at 5:00pm. No classroom sessions will be offered at 5 since we want you to hear about what the first day and first week will look like.

Please see this schedule and planning template on how the night will flow. As part of our Open House, we will have an Activities Fair in the main hallway. There will be tables set up for clubs, various community organizations and partners, and other things that will be of interest to our families.

Our staff can't wait to meet you!

Back To School Checklist

Our wonderful PTO created this very handy checklist to help you prepare for the new school year! It has some great reminders on things you might not be thinking of. Thank you, PTO!

Ongoing Construction and Security

Many families have asked us about our plan for safety and security while we continue to have construction workers present when students are in the building. Safety for our kids is the #1 priority and we have a good plan for keeping your kids safe. Overall we will have significantly fewer workers onsite compared to what we have had so far, but we still need to have a plan.

We have visited with our general contractor and communicated the expectations below.

Any construction workers will be required to do the following:

  • Check in at the front office when they arrive. Our security vestibule will be locked during this time, so entry can only be gained through the office.

  • Present photo ID at the receptionist area. Their ID will be scanned into Raptor which will notify us immediately if there are any concerns.

  • Once Raptor clears, they will be issued a generic ID badge that must be worn around their neck all of the time.

  • When workers leave the site, they are to turn in their ID badge to the reception area. We will track these daily.

  • Construction can continue in common areas of the building during school hours, within the following parameters:

  • If ladders or lifts are required, the work will be scheduled for after hours.

  • Ongoing communication with the general contractor will be necessary to ensure things are running smoothly.

  • Construction workers will not be in the pods or pod classrooms while students are present.

  • Construction may continue outside of the building during the day with no restrictions.

  • All exterior doors of the building will remain locked for the entire day, with the exception of our front door.

With these restrictions in place, we are confident that we will maintain an already safe environment for our students.

Enrollment Update

This is our enrollment as of Friday, July 30th. It has grown by more than 50 in a single week! As you can see, we have a beautifully diverse school in the making!

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YMCA After School Care

YMCA After School care registration is open! You can go to our website at to find a registration link along with more information about the program. If you have attempted registration before and were unable to find Autumn Creek Elementary in the list, that issue has been corrected by the YMCA. Also here is a flyer with more information.

Volunteer at ACE!

Are you interested in volunteering in any capacity at Autumn Creek?

There's no time like now to fill out your volunteer background check form. If you have already done this so you can work in another school, you do not need to do it again.

For new applicants, select Autumn Creek as the place where you will volunteer and provide the rest of the requested information. It's easy! For more information on the volunteering process and to fill out the form, please go to this link.

Upcoming Important Dates

8/5 - Open House - 5pm to 7pm

8/10- First day of school at ACE!

Information on Registering your ACE Student for the 2021-2022 School Year

On June 16, registration opened up for all grade levels. If you need support in registration, we encourage you to contact our Registrar, Lisa Burns at 281-641-5703 or contact her by email at

Current Humble ISD students who indicated they would attend ACE next year will be automatically moved over to us.

If you know of anyone who has moved into the area and needs to register their kids, please send them to our website at for a link to online registration forms.

If you have a new-to-district enrollment question, or need assistance

with your parent/guardian HAC account, please complete the online Request

for Assistance form.