Manx Cat

By: Juliana Flower

What is a Manx ?

A Manx is a type of cat.The Manx cat developed on the Isle of Man.Manx cats are popular for their tails.The reason the Manx cat is popular for their tails is because some of them don't have tails.The Manx cat is a very popular cat but is also a very good house-pet.

Cool Facts About the Manx

The Manx cat can either have short or long hair.Manx cats that have long hair are called longhaired Manx,the longhaired Manx are the ancestors of the Norwegian forest cat.Black is one of the most popular Manx cat color.If a Manx cat is born without a tail it is most likely to not ever have a tail.The Tasman Manx has curly hair.Manx cats are excellent jumpers.Many people like Manx for their color.There has been many myths about the Manx.