Ms. Wiley's Class

For my 2nd grade classroom and parents.

Getting to know a little bit about me, Ms. Wiley.

Hello students and parents my name is Blake Wiley. This is my first year of teaching. I recently graduated from the University of North Texas. I also have my bachelor's degree from the University of Houston in teaching and learning. I have been ready for this day since I figured out what I wanted my career to be in. I am extremely excited to meet you all and to see what kind of personalities will be in my classroom. This is going to be a great year!

Photo By: Blake Wiley

Parent Letter

  • Hello parents, I wanted to inform all of you that I have now discover the best game to enhance your child’s learning skills in math. The game is called “Defeat the Math Monster”. This math game addresses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! Right now in class we are learning these materials and with this game it will definitely increase their learning skills. The game is not time, which allows them to have better chance of getting it right. However, they are able to choice the level of difficulty. Therefore, each time they play they can try a new level once they master the previous one. It tells the child when the answer is correct and incorrect as well. The overall game is about destroying a monster and getting the treasure back. The more they answer correctly the quicker they get the treasure back. If they answer to many wrong then the monster will have eaten the player. And known of us want that. The more they play Defeat the Math Monster the better their math skills will get. Without doubt this game motivates the child to answer as many correctly so he/she can defeat the monster. No kid wants to lose to a monster. So come on parents, what are you waiting for? I need you right now to go to the website at and get the kids started now! No excuses let’s make our children the best math warriors they can be. And protect our treasure from the monster!

Thank You,

Ms. Blake Wiley

My avaliablity

As a teacher I feel that it is extremely important to make yourself available to the students and parents/guardians. One way is through email. I make sure I check my emails everyday for my parents, so that we can keep the communication going. Also having the student stay after school if needed. Another way I will be available is in the morning before school. Parents if you would like to sit down and talk to me about your child, or even if the child just needs to be at the school early. I will make sure i do whatever it takes to be there.

Ms. Wiley's Classroom Climate

Having a great classroom climate for the kids is mandatory in my book. In order for my classroom to have a great climate, it most insist of student to student interaction and faculty to student interaction. Making sure everything is positive, feels safe, respectful, welcoming, and supportive for each student is the way I will have classroom environment.