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1. Visiting an animal population country

I wouldn't just visit a country to visit its animals population because when I travel I want to experience there culture, Witness there scenery and food. I won't be interested to just see the animals and that's it. sure animals are amazing and there's some many different types of animals ,but just to go to a country for there animals population brings not interested in me.

2. Makes a city famous

Three things that I believe makes a city world famous is the architect, a famous landmark and culture. I think architect can make a city world famous because it makes the city beautiful and different from other cities, which would also attract tourist who want to see these unique designs. A famous landmark can make a city famous because that the reason why most people travel is to see famous attraction that attract tourists there like for example the Eiffel tower in pairs. Culture can also make a city world famous because tourist would want to experience how the citizen of that city may live, witness there entertainment and performing arts and sports. That is what i think whats a makes a city world famous.

3. A dedicate Memorial

If I had to dedicate a complicated memorial to someone like Crazy Horse it would be to someone who made this world a better place. There are so many people who helped make this world a better place, however since I have to choose one person it would be Rosa Parks because she stood up for her self and for what is right. Rosa Park story has always been one of my favorite story to hear about during Black history mouth or when we were learn about Martin Luther King Jr in middle school. Rosa Park story moved me the most and stood out to me the most. Its tells you that anyone can make a difference in life if they stand up for what they believe in. The fact that Rosa Park just want to relax after a long and hard at work and wasn't looking to make history is incredible to me. That is why I would make a memorial to Rosa Park.

4. Paris world greatest city to visit

I think Paris is rated as one of the worlds greatest cities to visit because its know as the city of love, architect and food. Paris is the home of several of the most visited architectural landmarks, including the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Paris ,Sainte-Chapelle, and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is also one of the worlds greatest cities because of the love atmosphere this country has. Its a beautiful city to spend time with your loved one or meet someone new. People also go to Paris to try there unique and cultural food that you cant get anywhere else. That's why I think Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world.

5. The Beach

Yes, I am a person who enjoys going to the beach because the beach is a good place to relax, go to on a hot humid day and to catch some sun. The beach has always been a place for me to enjoy with my families and friends. There'er so such things you can do on a beach like building sandcastles, sunbathing and going for a swim. The beach is the perfect paradise for me. It's the perfect paradise for me because I love to swim, you can be artistic with the sand and you can warm up after an nice swim in the sun. its also the the ultimate reading spot to read a good book. The beach is one of my favorite place I like to go with my family because it is the absolute area to relax, talk and spent time with them.

6. Snorking and Scuba Diving

I would like to try both scuba diving and snorkeling in the worlds longest structure made by nature, the great barrier reef. This would allow me to experience a whole new different world where I can see how water creatures live and interact with other species. It would also allow me to observe them in there own habitat instead of a museum where these water creatures are trapped In a aquarium. With scuba diving and snorkeling you get the real life experience what life is like underwater.

7. High school verion of fear factor

I would not be able to eat exotic and disgusting bugs in a high school version of fear factor with a grand prize of 100,000 because I am the pickiest person when it comes to food. Also won't be mentally prepare to eat a creature with legs and I hate all bugs even butterflies. You can not pay be enough to eat a bug or a exotic food I have not eat yet. The thought of eating something exotic and disgusting makes me nauseous. I'm a person who doesn't like trying something new and if it doesn't look appetizing I won't eat it.

8. Gahana

If I was given a free ticket to visit any three Africa counties Ghana would be one of them. I would go to Ghana because I think it would be cool to see how good is made and to see real sold gold too. It would also be a good history lesson to know how slave were treat back then even if it is a sad story. Ghana is very different from other countries in Africa and I would like to visit there one day.

9. A shrine

I would make a erect a shrine to Bruno Mars because he is my one of my favourite artist, he style is different from other types of music and diffterent than other artist that I like. I like when you go watch Bruno mars live he is not lip singing and when you listen to his song on a pod he is sounds exactly the same. He can play different types of instruments and he also grow up with music in life.Throughout his singing career, Broun Mars has won 2 Grammy Awards and sold more than 11 million albums and 68 million singles worldwide. Four of his singles are counted among the best-selling singles of all time. He is now regarded as one of the most successful solo artists in the world, landing 5 number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since his career launched in 2010, faster than any male singer since Elvis PresleyIn 2011, Mars was named one of Time Magazine's100 most influential people in the world.In 2014, he was ranked number one on the Forbes30 under 30 list. Mars was also nominated as Top Artist of the Year in May 2014 at the Billboard Music Awards. That's is why I would make a shrine to Broun Mars .

10.Fantasy sport camp

In the future, the type of sport camp that I would like to attend is a swimming camp that helps improve your swimming time, technique, endurance and teach first aid and CPR . Swimming would be my ideal sport because it is the only sport that I can actually do and enjoy. Other sports I find uninteresting and dangerous. When it comes to swimming it can help you build endurance and is also a valuable survival tool in life that everyone should have. Furthermore, one of the athletes I would like to be present at this camp is Michael Phelps because he won twenty-two Olympics medals for swimming and is also hold the all-time recorded for Olympics gold medals.

11. My Dream Honymoon Experience

Bora Bora would be my idea of a perfect honeymoon experience because of its beautiful landscape, luxury resort and the love atmosphere bora bora brings for you to share with your love one. Bora Bora is perfect for me because the landscape the country has is great for honeymoon pictures, right by the water and gorgeous to look at. The love atmosphere this country brings is also important because it sets the mood right for me and my husband to enjoy together. The luxury resort is the perfect place to relax and spend some qulity time with my love one because of the privacy it brings and the lovely furniture that is proved.

12. My Morderatly Risky Choice Of Sport

I would say that I am adventurous enough to try an moderately risky sport. A risky sport that I would do is bungee jumping. I would do bungee jumping because it has always been something i wanted to try in life and I would also just do it because i know my dad wouldn't never allow me to do it. I also want to feel a rush of Adeline and excitement of doing a activity so risky, yet fun and to have the feeling of accomplishment after doing something so wild and adventurers.

13. Spending a Night in a Hunted Castle

I don't think I would be willing to spend a night at a hunted castle because if the place was really hunted and I interacted with a spirited It would terrify me. To interact with a sprit would scare me because I believe that there is life after death. Even though I am curious about what happens after you leave earth and sprits, However am not brave enough to go and stay in a hunted castle to see a ghost that could or not be harmful. If the sprit was a family member that I was close to that would be different. Therefore I would not be willing to spend a night in a hunted castle.

14. Tomato throwing festival

The idea of a tomatoes throwing festival dose not appeal to me. I personally love to eat tomato's with home made dressing. However, throwing a perfectly good tomato's at a strangers is a wast of food and it is also dangerous.Throwing tomato can be dangerous because tomatoes have a slimy texture so someone can easily slip and injured themselves ,you also have people pushing and throwing tomatoes at you . This festival is decay of food because they're wasting good food on people who just want to have fun, when we have people starving for food.

15. The Grand Canyon

Three things that I would do in the Grand Canyon is do white water rafting , horseback riding and air plane tours. each of these attraction appeal to me because I like horse backing ride and it would be a good way to see the canyon on the ground view . I also prefer riding on a horse then doing a hike it would be less work . I would also do a plane tour because I want to see how the grand canyon looks like form a higher point of view. Then I would do white water rafting just so I can do a fun activity after see the grand canyon.

16. My favourite play by Shakespeare

My favourite play by Shakespeare is Midnight summer dream because its a funny play and I like that there's a love triangle that happens during the play. I like how the play shows that being in love is not easy and that it has its ups and downs. I also like how there is magic and imagination contributed in the play because you don't see that a lot when it comes to Shakespeare. Midnights summer dream is a play for everyone to enjoy. Its my favourite play by Shakespeare because I'm a person who love happy endings and midsummer nights dream has the perfect ending where everyone ends up with the right person and happily in love.

17. If Rexdale was like Venice

I would honestly not like it if Rexdale was like Venice whereby the major streets where actually waterways and people would have to use boats to get around because i don't think it would be safe and it is a lot of work to use boats everyday. It don't think it would be safe because i think the majored of people who live in Rexdale don't know how to swim and my have a fear of water, people may get motion sickness and i think if the main streets where waterway it could create more traffic. To use a boat everyday is a lot to work because you have to keep the boat in good shape, and it is a lot of work to row boat if you don't have the muscle to do it.

18. Surviving a Boot Camp.

I do not have what it takes to survive a boot camp because I am physically unfit and don't like the idea of having a person yelling at me 24/7 . I would say exercising and staying fit is not one of my strongest abilities. I have absolutely no upper body strength and muscles, let alone the idea of going into the wild to lean how to survive terrifies me. Going into the wild to lean about survival would be a good skill to have but I'm a city girl who enjoys laying on the couch reading a book or watching television.

19.Spending a night in prison

I would not be willing to spend a night in a prison all alone in my own cell because I would be bored and alone. There would be nothing for me to do in my cell i would have not internet, cable or a friend to talk to. I don't like to idea of spending a night in a prison all alone because the idea of being in a prison doesn't apple to me even if it is for one night. I would also be bored and I was never inserted in prison life and how prison looks like.

20. Silliest thing I ever done

The silliest thing I ever done was fool around Wal-Mart with my friends. We were having a sleepover at one of my friends house so we decide to go for a walk because we were all bored. Wal-Mart was just across the street form her house so we decided to go exploring there. Some of the stupid thing we did was race each other with the shopping cart, play with the kids toys and play hid and go seek in the store. It was lame that we were in Wal-Mart acting like five years old but it was fun and I would do it again in a heart beat. The best part was we never got caught.

21. Favouite amusement park ride

My favourite type of ride at a amusement park is the drop zone. The drop zone is my favourite ride at an amusement park because you get a great view of the park and the feeling you get in your stomach when the drop you. When it comes to the drop the feeling you get in you stomach will never go away, but with a roll coaster it dose if you have ridden that roller coaster a dozen times. that's why I like the drop zone because it will could never get old.

22. Visiting a reputable psychic

I would visit a reputable psychic even though the news I would be receive could be both bad or good. I would see a psychic because I'm not really skeptical person and it would be interesting to hear what my future hold for me. I also find psychic festinating even if someone of them are fakes. It would just be a good experience to have and to also have some knowledge aboutabout my future, even though it not be true what the psychic said.

23. Fashion show

It would be a dream come true if I could attended a real live fashion show because I love shopping for clothes, styling and I wanted to be a fashion designer. I have always loved fashion because its interesting how people could make art with just a needle, thread and fabric into something so unique and beautiful that people can wear. Fashion is a way that people and designers can express themselves. Everyone has their own style, which displays what kind of person you are. Witnessing a live fashion show is a way to experience how designers express and show there emotion in a creative and artful way. Models are also important during fashion shows,because they confidently walk down the runway in elegant and stunning way, while showing off the beautiful garments they're wearing.

24. Favorite Chocolate

To be honesty I don't enjoy chocolate very much. However, if I had to choose my favorite type of sugary treat it would be cotton candy . Candy floss is my favorite treat because of the sweet sugary taste , the texture and presentation. Even though cotton candy is only made of sugar, its what makes it even more unique then other junk food. Also, I love that when you eat cotton candy its just melts in your mouth.

25. Running with the bulls

My preference is to not to attend the running with the bulls and participated in running of the bulls because to run with the bulls is not how I want to end my life or get a serious injury that can effect me for the rest of my life. I would not like to attend the running with the bulls because I fine it point less and would also be sacred of the bulls running right pass me so closely. Running with the bulls is also not my religion and a not a man so I don't need to prove my manliness to anyone. Therefore I think running with the bulls is a death wish and attending the running with the bulls is showing your support.


27. A natural disaster

If I could see a natural disaster occur I would like to see a volcano eruption. I would like to see a volcano eruption occur because it would be incredible to see the lava eruption form the volcano and then witness the harm a volcano can do to a city. I would also like to see the lava cooling that's called pahoehoe. Volcanos are interesting mountain that are so different form anything else in the world that is made by nature, so to see one in person would be amazing.

28.Burj ala Arab

Three thing that particularly impressed me was the architect, you have your one personal butler and that it is the only seven star hotel. The Burj ala Arab is so different for any other hotel the unique furniture, the architect of the hotel and the bright color the Burj ala Arab brings. Its so weird yet really beautiful too. what really impressed me was that you have your own butler. it's kind of weird and unusual but I guess if your use to that life style it wouldn't be much of a big deal . The fact that this hotel is the only seven hotel is very impress because there is on other hotel rated that high that I know of. I had the luxury of staying in a five star hotel so to know there is a seven star hotel it must be really fabulous

29. The holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the most remembered atrocities of all times because all of number people murdered in the short period of time, and the horrific way there your killed, the way they suffered and were torched during those times. What Hitler did was unspeakable. It brought on semitism. People today still suffer form the holocaust and their family members .We try to educate people,with a goal do achieving an end of racism and persecution. That's is why I think the Holocaust is so remberable

31. A pilot simulation

I don't think I would enjoy being a pilot in a fighting simulation activity because I was never interested in being a pilot when I am older and I don't find it enjoyable to try and shoot down another pilot. Air combat school remind me of war In a way, when it comes to war I don't want nothing to do with it even if its a simulation. That why I don't think I would enjoy being in a pilot fighting simulation.

32. Being a spy

I would be willing to be a spy for my country because having a jobs as a spy would be dangerous and thrilling. being a spy your life would never be boring and your job. You would get to travel all over the would, go undercover, have amazing material arts skill and you can forget the wicked gadgets you get. Even though being a spy is a dangerous job i would still do it even though am putting my life in jeopardy because not only i'm in it for my incredible spy gadgets but your also helping you country. Witch is a great way to show your love for your country.

35. Buddhist Faith

I think that the Monogolian and Bhutan cultures have such a low crime and violence because of there belief and religion . Since all most all of the population in Bhutan is Buddhism. Buddhists try to find everlasting stat of great joy and peace resulting from the end of desire and suffering. With a whole region that believe and think like that it's bound to have a low crime and violence rate. What appeals to me about Buddhist faith is that there all about reaching Nivana and Peace.

36. Gutsiest thing i would like to accomplish

If I had to do the gutsiest thing that I would have to accomplish in life would be sky diving. jumping off the base of Angel Falls dose appeal to me to, however I think if I was ten seconds away form jumping I would probably back out. I an not the gutsiest person but I would like to do something risky in my life, whether its skydiving or jumping of Angel Falls.

39.The Sahara Desert

I wouldn't mined visiting the Sahara desert because it would be interesting to see the desert, go dune bugging and to ride a caramel. I feel like to ride a camel in the desert would be a different experience than doing it at a zoo because the camels would be in the natural habitat. It also would be incredible to witness the Sahara desert in person,because it would be deserted, with lots of sand and more sand. Its like no other place on earth. If I ever visit the Sahara desert I would also like to do a fun activity like dune bugging. That is why I would visit the Sahara desert.

40. Michelangelo's Statue of David

What makes the Michelangelo's Statue of David so particularly impressive is that the statue is all made out of marble by one man and the details of the stature very impress. it makes you wonder how he did it during his time and got every detail of a mans body so perfect. what also is impress about this statue is the high built at 17.0 feet tall. That's what I think is what makes the Michelangelo's statue of David so impressive.

41. Zoos for aniamals

No l do not think zoo are a good thing for animals because they have no freedom and are not in there natural habit. Zoo are like prison for animals they have no freedom and there trapped in a cage forever. I personal feel sorry for the animals whenever I have to go to the zoo and I'm also bored because the animals look bored too. Animals should be allow to be free and live in there in own habitat, just like we all like to be free and live our lives how we want to. so why sure we be allow to rom free and animals are to be locked up.

42. Having coffee with a celebrity

if I could have coffee with any celerity It would be with Zendaya. I would love to have coffee with this amazing human being because i think she would be the only celerity i could connect with the most. Zendaya may not be very famous but that what i like about her is that she dozen't care if she is big or not, she is just happy doing her own things. I would love to get her t to talk about fashion since she is also very passionate about fashion just like me. I would ale like to know what her life was like becoming a start and what she loves to do one her free time. I am not a crazy person when it comes to stars but it would be really cool to meet Zendaya in real life.

43. Hiduism

Ever since I learned about Hinduism in world religion I found it festinating. I what I like about Hinduism is that befits are so different from Christianity. They believe in reincarnation and what you do in life depends on what your next life would be. If they want to be one with there god they have to reach moksha. I also like they have different gods and goddess that help guide Hindus in life to reach moksha. Hinduism is so different and unique than other religious and that is what I like about it.

44. Mt. Kilimanjaro

I wouldn't mind climing mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro it would be good exercise and accomplishment to have. I also think it would be cool to clime the heights mountain of Africa and the view must be amazing at the top. It would be something I would do if I was ever in Africa. It would be good exercise since it takes a while to get to the top. I would feel so accomplished when I reached the top.


No, I do not find that knowing the truth about how some of the worlds most famous man made tourist destination were made distracts my appreciation of them. This doesn't not less my appreciation of them because the whole reason why I may like the tourist destiny is it history and how it was made.i think the whole point to see famous man made tourist destination is to extend your knowledge on it history.


e that what the poet meant by the express, "This world of imagination is the world of eternity" is that your imagination can never end even if you stop believing. it's always going to be there, because imagination can go on forever it never stops .your always imagining something you want in life or think beyond this world for ex palm.Imagination is what keeps,us alive and not so bluh in this world.

47. Energies

I do believe that energies can be transferred between people to the extend that individuals can be healed of illness. I believe that people all have there own energy or vibe that we all carry in life, and people can sense that vibe even if they'er not aware of it. I think we share our engines with all our family members and friends. I think it why we pick our friends the way we do. You get this feel that you should be friend with them you connect in a way. I think at all has to do with energy. That why i think people can heal the ill if they transfer energy.

48. the Northern lights

I would prefer to see the northern lights instead fireworks because seeing the northern lights would be a once and a life time experience where with fireworks you can see them every holiday or buy them at a store. Since the northern lights are made by nature you have to go to a specific place to see them and you wont always able to see them, That's why it is a once and a life time experience. where with fire works there man made so it not that remarkable as mother nature.

49. Red light district

I don't not think Toronto should have a red light distinct in order to regulate and monitor prostitutes because i feel like some people who r prostitutes wouldn't want to an area all to themselves especial if they are a shame of what they do. I also think if we had a red light district in Toronto it would give this city a bad reputation.

50. Wildlife orphanage

I wouldn't mind working in a wildlife orphanage because I would be doing a good deed helping injured or sick animals. I also thing it would be fun spending time with animals and taking care of them. Animals are such unique and different for us and I think it would be incredible to work with them. I have always been a animals person, so I wouldn't mind taking care of them. I would be so proud of myself for doing something good in life.

51. My opinion stunts and alligator wrestling

My person opinion of people who perform stunts and alligator wrestling are asking for a death wish. I especial think people who do alligator wrestling are stupid and should just leave alligators alone, for people how do stunt it not that bad but I do think there looking to get serious injured in life. I don't see the point in alligator wrestling other than they want to anyone the an animal. I do see the point in stunts, however its still a dangerous job to have.

52. New years eve

If I was given a free ticket to go anywhere in the world to spend new years eve I would go to New York City. I would go to New York city for new years eve because I would like to witness the ball count down, see people preform and having fun with random people waiting for the new year to start. I think I would be a good way to end the winter holiday and to start a new year.

53. hedonism 2

I won't mind going to Hedonism 2,It seem like a fun place to go to. Plus I really enjoy Jamaica when I visit. if i very go to Hedonism 2 it wouldn't be for the reason why it is famous for it sexuality, but for the resort and the fun i would have with my friends. Jamaica is a good spot for vacation and the weather is perfect there .That's why I would travel to Hedonism 2.

54. Archaeological dig

if I could do an archaeological dig I would go to Edmonton Alberta because I wouldn't have to travel far and would be a good active to do if am ever in Alberta. I think it would be nice to do an archaeological in Alberta because it gives me a reason to go there. and it wouldn't be to far away.

56. Ice hotel

The idea of spending a weekend in an ice hotel dose appeal to me because it would be a incredible experience to have in life because you get to see the amazing architect of everything made out of ice. Ice sculpture have this beautiful and unique awareness to it and to make a hotel all out of ice is something i would like to witness in my life. I l personal love staying in hotels even though there expensive , however all hotels are design different they all have the same conspectus.. but with the ice hotel you would see a whole new side of hotels. you wouldn't know what to expect with this hotel.

59.Ceremony for the dead

Yes, i do believe that a ceremony to commemorate the dead should be conducted at a cemetery because that is where most dead people are buried and also a good place to connect with the dead. I would never participate in a ceremony that is celebrated at a cemetery however, The cemetery is the perfect place to have a celebration for the dead because maybe someone people believe its the best place to connect with the after life.

61.The Great Wall of China

Three things that are particularly impressive about the Great Wall of China is the length of the wall,

63. Favorite Panting

I don't have a famous panting but if i had to choose one it would be The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.Klimt painting depicts the couple locked in intimacy, while the rest of the painting dissolves into shimmering, extravagant flat pattern.The Kiss is my favourite because when I look at it all I see is to people who are deeply in love and connect by a beautiful quilt. It just makes you want to find your soul mate. That is is why the The kiss is my favourite painting

65. Taking a cruise on a river

i would like to take a cruise on the Cano Cristales In Colombian is also call The river of five colours because it is know as one of the most Beautiful rivers due to its striking colours. The water is extremely clean because of the lack of nutrients and small particles. I would love to cruise down a river that is so beautiful as this one ,However it is not possabile because It is the fast river with many rapids, The rocks, plants and waterfalls this river has.

68. My Club

If I was deigning a club for the party island of Ibiza, so things that i would make sure my club had are awesome bartenders that can put on a show for my customer while there waiting for there drinks. for example bottle tossing They made the customers laugh and made sure they where have a good time at the bar. I would new a wicked Dj who was up to date with this time music and Knew how to get the crowed hyped. The third thing my club would need is a good theme with graphs that fit will with my theme and look real. My club would need a good base so the music sounds satisfying. Last but not lest my club would need to be in a acceptable location. That is what my club would need to be a success

69.The Outdoors

I don't mind staying out doors because I go camping and to a cottage very year with my family, However I rather stay indoors and in the city. I don't really like doing outdoors activities because I hate mosquitos when they bit you there a pain, I'm not really an active person so doing hikes, walks anything outdoor that has to do with fitness I don't really like except swimming. When it comes to outdoors I just want to stay home and lay on my couch. Am not really a nature person, but I can do outdoor activities I just prefer not to

70. Alien Life

For some reason I don't believe in alien life and am not really a skeptically person when it comes to fictional things, I am a very open minded person. I don't believe in alien life because it just doesn't make sense to me. There are billions of galaxy in our space and for alien to pick our universe out of billions of others sound unlikely. If there is prof that there is other life I think we should be allowed to know. The idea to know we are not the only ones in the universe is kind of unsettling and the fact that they can have more advance technology then us would scare most of us on earth. For some reason I Just can't believe there is alien life or maybe I just don't want to know because that thought to know that other life exists terrifies me a little.

71. Dolphins

I think dolphins are considerd to be one of the most intelligent animals on planet earth because They personality and intelligence is so close to humans. According to scientific when human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins come in just behind humans in brainpower, according to new research. Dolphins demonstrate skills and awareness previously thought to be present only in humans. Dolphins exhibit human-like skills. These include mirror self-recognition, cultural learning, comprehension of symbol-based communication systems, and an understanding of abstract concepts.

73. Favourite classical composer and song

My favourite classical music and composer is the fifth symphony by Beethoven. Its my favourite song because i like how the the rhythm of the instruments how they go pound to soft. Violins are my favourite kind of interments, therefore i like how there are incorporated in the song a lot. I don't know why Beethoven is my favourite composer maybe because i think he is really talented when it comes to music.

74. Sports with animals

I personal don't think animals sure be allowed in sporting events because animals such be allowed allow to be animals. Using animal for sporst are no different then keeping them trapped in a zoo. I also think using animals for sports is animals abused. For example Kentucky derby the horse have to go though extreme training and if the suffer form major or any injures they won't able to perform anymore. They would have to get ride of them,before animals rights they use to kill them. The fact that were using innocents animal for money is just sad.

75.Sporting event

A sporting event that I would like to watch is a swimming meet at the Olympics. I would love to watch a swimming meet because I love to swim and to see professionals just slice though the water at the speed they go at would be so amazing to watch. I love swimming i could swimmer for ever. Its My favourite sport and the only sport that i enjoy in life. I would also like to witness diving companions and synchronized swimming to. Swimming would not bore me at all Its am amazing sport that is actually worth doing in life that provides skill that are useful.

76. Top 5 things to do in ontario

I think when people come to Ontario they should visit Niagara falls Niagra fall is a beauilful sight seeing place with the betfit of see the usa falls too., The CN tower, Wonder land, and.....

77. Taj Mahal

My personal opinion of the story behind the making of the Taj Mahal is that that what true love looks like . The love that Shah Jahan and his wife shard would have lasted forever. The Taj Mahal makes you want to find your true love so you can have what Shah Jahan and his wife had. The Taj Mahal gives you hope because of the story behind it to find that one person your supposed to spend the rest of your life with. Even though Shah Jahan build it in inspiration toward his dead wife its makes you want to find your soul mate even more, the one person who would go as far as that to shows his or her love to you in a beautiful and magnificent way just like Shah Jahan did for is wife.

78. The dead sea

I think the dead see is such a famous traveler's destination because the high salt that is concentration helps people to easily float do to its natural buoyancy. I also think what makes the dead sea so famous is that it is also know as the lowest health spa in the world. The salt and the minerals in the water are what make the water so unique and beneficial for the body. The bottom of the sea produce of black mud that is easy to spread on the body and proved the skin with nourish minerals . So people must travel for good health and healing for vacation from all over the world.



81. The Dark Side of Famous Structures

If I visit a place with a drake side it would bother me because it would be hard to find the beauty of the of it if I know the past and how many people suffered. Like the Coliseum for example it's a beautiful building but know that I know why it was built for I am not as eager to visit the Coliseum as I use to be. When you know The reason or the history behind the build epically if it has a dark side it makes you thinks about all the blood and pain these people when though.

82. Loch Ness Monster

I don't believe the Loch Ness Monster ever existed because I think some crazy person happened to see a big fish or log and thought it was something mysterious. The evidence they showed in the video of pictures of Nessy look like a deform shape of a log. I think Nessy is a imaginary figure just like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. I'm Not really a skeptical person when it comes to fictional but for some reason I just don't think Nessy is real.

83. The Blue Lagoon

My reaction to see the blue Lagoon was amazed. The Blue Lagoon looked so beautiful I have to do that when I am old enough to travel. I was speech less when I saw the Blue Lagoon, Its the perfect place to relax for a vacation spot. I love the fact that the warm waters are rich in minerals and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is reputed to help your skin stay health and refresh. I would love to visit Iceland ever since I saw the Blue Lagoon .

84. The world is less rasist today

I do believe that the world is less racist today then it was fifty years ago thanks to Martín Luther King Jr. The world may be less racist today then fifty years ago, however some people can still be racist today. I think people are not as they were because of Martin Luther king Jr, Rosa parks, Mahatma Gandhi and so many more hero's who weren't afraid to stay up for what is right in life. With out those people our world won't have the freedom we have and everyone would treated equally.

85. Caves

I am not very interested in exploring caves. I not very interested because there are very different animals and insect that I don't know about that live down there, its dark and wouldn't have a map . The fact that Scientist don't even know some of the thing that live in caves unsettles me, so If something bit me or I touch something dangerous there might be no cure. Also I don't like how dark caves are you won't be able to see everything that going on around you. I also don't like the idea of going in a cave with no map since a lot of caves haven't been discovered yet , I wouldn't like the idea of going to places that am not too familiar with . I find caves unsafe and so different because its like another world down there.


87. Amazon Rainforest

I think people would want to visit the Amazon rain forest because they would get to see all these amazing and different animals that you can't see anywhere else in the world. They would get to witness how animals live and adapt in the rainforest. I think people would also like to visit the Amazon because they get to cruise down the longest river in the world. People may also travel there to see the damages that we are causing to the rainforest and like the loss of biodiversity that will result from destruction of the forest, and also about the release of the carbon contained within the vegetation, which could accelerate global warming. In addition deforestation that is also harming the rainforest.That is why i think people travel the rainforest

88. Technological advancement

My personal opinion on Technological advancement is how far do we want our technological to go. Where all going to end up like those people on the movie Wall-i fat and unable to move if we just depend on technology . Also someone can have the power to controls us if we these kind of technological in the future. Technological advancement should be only use for scientific reason and to help find cure for ill people.I honesty don't want techonoly to go to far in life ,that we don't even use our mouth to talk to anymore . Its bad enough that when you go to a teenage party that no one socializes anymore, everyone is to busy on there phone look at pictures or tweeting.

89. Antarctica

Three reason why people would want to visit Antarctica is to see the penguins, do extreme skiing and scientific reaches. There is no better way to see animals than in there natural habit. Tourist would want to see how penguins live and adapt to the extreme cold weather. Another reason why people would want to go to Antarctica is for skier who are looking for a challenge. With Antarctica fulled with steep mountains of ice it the perfect place for skiers to ski. Scientific reach could also be a main reason people travel to this continent because that where they discover global warming and who know what else scientist could find if ever back to Antarctica.

90. Being a cowgirl

I would be interested in living the life as a cowgirl for one week. I think it would be fun living a another life for a week, especially if you a cowgirls because your always doing something everyday, so you would never be bored. You would have your own horse that you can ride anyway day you want , you get to take care of farm animals and plats which mean you get fresh products of food to eat. Being a cowgirl also keeps you in good shape and you will never end up bring lazy in life because you would use to doing chores around the farm. I would honesty only be a cowgirl because you get your own horse to take care of and ride and I love horse back riding.

91. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of my top five must see place in my life, I would strongly like to go there because of the architect, night life and to do some gamboling for fun. I would mostly just go to Las Vegas to Witness it night life and architect. They way sin city was design is so unique and different. I like how they incorporated all the famous landmarks around the world in just one city and the weird design some of the building have. Since the city is know for gamboling I would do some, However it wouldn't be a priority when I visit Las Vegas. The night life was a big reason why I would travel to sin city because Las Vages looks so beautiful at nigh, its like the whole city comes alive when the sun goes down. Las Vegas looks like the perfect place to party.That is why Sin city is one of my top fives must see places in my life.

92. My greatest physical feat

My greatest physical feat that I have ever accomplished in my lifetime was joining my school swim team and coming in third place at a swim meet. I was really proud of myself that I won my first ribbon , I really try when my team and I were doing training. The fact that I was a rookie made it even better because some of the people my swim team face were pretty advance.When it come with exercising or doing anything physical it not my best ability, however join the school swim team was the best thing I ever done so far in high school.

93. The animal that terrifies me the most

One animal the terrifies me the most is the great white shark. I wouldn't want to face those animal face to face even if my safety would be ensure. Great white sharks don't look friendly at all and that what makes them scares me the most. people say shark are not really dangerous animals they just mistakes us as food. It face one face to face is to risky for me to do. Animals like that should be left alone.


Three thing that i believe impress people most about acropolis is architect, the history and that it was all manual labor . The architect would impressed the people because it so different

95. Mount Everest

yes, i do believe that climbing Mount Everest is the most difficult of all the physical challenges that we have seen to date in the countdown. I think Mount Everest is the most difficult because you need to be physical fit to clime the mountain , You need to be a skilled climber so you know what kind of equipment you need, how to clim the mountain properly you basically need the knowgled of a clime to clime mount Everest. When climbing The tallest mountain on earth you should be ware of the dangers, and the harm that can happened when climbing like dehydration, avalanche and third degree first bite. People should also being aware of the climate and weather change when climbing too. Thats why i thing Mount Everest is the most difficult of all physical challenges in the countdown.

96. Mardi Gras

The idea of visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras doesn't really appeal to me because they are celebrating there last day of eat the most fatties and greases foodit dose not make scenes to me really. If i was try to lose weight or to stay health sure I would do, but to have a celebration just for food doesn't appeal to me. I would also have to wear the big bright colorful clothing for that special day doesn't settle with me. I don't see the point in Mardi Gras and it just looks like a big party parade that i can see anywhere eles


One aspect that apples to me about Islam is that they try to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor so that everyone is treated equally. One aspect that i don't like about Islam is that it has become know as a religion that promotes terrorism because some people how have used this religion as an excuse for there action.

98. Christianity

One aspect that apples to me about christianity is that it bring people together and provides people with a common belief. One aspect that I don't like about Christianity is that people alway try to use the bible to prove a point of why they believe in what they believe in. I think the bible is just a book to help guide us in life and we shouldn't take believe ever world the books saids.

99. Judaisum

One aspect that apples to me about Judaism is that they have different types of groups in Judaism like reform and orthodox.I like that they made a modern vision of Judaism so man and women are all treated equally and women are allowed to participate in synagogues.What I don't like about Judaism is that if your an orthodox Jew women are not treated as equally as men. It is the 21 century its time to change that law.

100. Sky Diving

I could see my self Sky Diving because I want to something really dangerous and thrilling in life just so I can say I did that. Skydiving would be something I would just randomly do in life, it not something I can think about because I know I would back out in the last minute.