internet safety 4 kids

by louis croft


in this presentation i have researched information about internet safety and i think that CEOP has given me really helpful information and has given me the tools to be safe online

parents know if you're child is safe online

when children are on the internet they be safe at all time and should be yo report abuse when they feel thretand

.keep you're personal information to you're parents and you're selef

.keep your seting private


if someone you don't know messages you and asks to be you're friend make sure you know whether they are who they say they but don't leave all you personal information out there for any random stranger to be able to look at you're pictures and other things like what school you go to and where you live and old you are


i found an website that is designed to keep online users safe its called ceop and they are there to protected you and if you feel threatened there is a button called report abuse and that will go straight to the police or ceop them self's but the issue will always be dealt with.

there is a ceop link if want to have a look