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Gabby Wright

In the Beginning...

A boy August had small anomalies, which meant he had problems with his face. He was homeschooled and his mom was teaching him a lot of subjects, and he was really into art and science. One day, his mom started to get stressed from teaching him, so she thought he was ready to go to a real school with a principal and students. August didn't want to because he thought he would be bullied by a lot of people, but he wanted to see what it would be like first. He chose to go to school.


Friday, Oct. 31st, 11:15pm

This is an online event.

He got a tour around his new school, and he met 3 people named Charlotte, Jack Will, and Julian. During the tour, they were asking him questions, and Julian was asking rude questions because of his face, and it made August feel bad. He just ignored it, and after the tour, August went home and was talking about the tour, and his mom apologized about what Julian was doing to August. She let August choose between going to school or stay homeschooled. He chose to go to school. When it was Halloween, August was Boba Beth and he was in the art room. He saw 2 mummies and they were talking about August and how his face was like. The people behind the masks were Jack and Julian. Jack was being so rude like Julian because he wanted to be cool like Julian. August left the school and started to cry because of what Jack and Julian were saying about August. His heart was broken. After that day, Jack was saying hi to August, but he just ignored Jack because of what he did. Then, Jack found out why August was mad at him, and the Julian came by and called August a freak. Jack punched Julian in the face. Jack was suspended for a couple days, but during the day, August was talking to Jack on Facebook. Jack apologized to him, and he accepted his apology. Then they became friends again. One day, Via was invited a friend over named Justin, he was a nerd. When Justin stopped by, he said hi to August, and August said hi back to him. August found out Via and Justin were a couple.