FAQs and other how-to's for Promethean Products

Promethean (FAQs)

Why is there no image on the board?

1. Check to make sure that all cables are securely fastened to the back of the laptop and the faceplate.

2. Unplug and reconnect all cables, VGA and USB cables.
3. If all cables are connected securely, press the button Fn7 on the keyboard.
4. Press the video button on the projector remote to switch the input source from the DVD and Document Camera.
5. Does the green light on your projector illuminate?

*You MUST use the remote to turn on your projector!

Why is there a blue screen stating “No Signal” and counting down from 5 minutes or a message on the board that says “Hardware not Detected?”

1. Check the USB cable on the back of the computer and at the faceplate on the wall. Make sure the cable is securely fastened.

2. Check to make sure that the power cord is securely connected and plugged into the wall
3. Check to see if the light (the flame) on the board is illuminated.
4. Restart the computer

When using the Activpen on a flipchart, why does the cursor appear to constantly jump around to random locations, jump to another point on the board or draw lines by itself?

If you get lines on the board when the pen is touching its surface, this is an indication of a term Promethean calls “spiking”. Spiking looks similar to an EKG. When the cursor jumps to random locations on the board this is an indication of a term Promethean calls “jumping.”

1. Power the board off and on again. Touch the pen to the board.

2. If the problem persists, attempt to use a different computer and different pens.

If the problem continues, then the problem is software related. In this instance, try to uninstall ActivDriver through Add/Remove Programs. Reinstall ActivInspire from

Why does the projector always tell me the projector filters are dirty?

1. Click the ActivInspire icon in the “hidden icons” menu

2. Click the “control panel”

3. Click Projector

4. Uncheck the Projector warning

5. Click OK

The Flame won’t let me calibrate. Now what?

1. Click on the ActivInspire in the hidden icons menu

2. Click Calibration (5 point quick)

My sound will not work!

1. Check all your connections.

2. Is the plug in the computer in the headphone jack?

3. Is the sound turned on and the volume raised for all devices?

4. Check the mute button.

How do I change from Activstudio display to Activprimary display?

1. Open ActivInspire.

2. Click on Configure from the dashboard. (view – dashboard)

3. Located on the right hand side is a box to check to launch “next time using the primary look and feel”.

4. Close out of ActivInspire. Next time you open ActivInspire, Activprimary display will appear.


How do I keep my flipchart displayed on my Promethean board and take attendance?

1. There is a freeze button on the remote.

2. Click once to freeze what is being displayed – this will allow you to do other things on your computer without it being displayed on the Promethean board.

3. When you are ready to display your computer screen again, click the freeze button again.

4. The display on your computer will be shown.

Why is the right click menu appearing when I use my Activpen?

1. Check to ensure that you are not accidentally pushing the right click button on the barrel of the Activpen when you are writing on the board.

2. Try another Activpen.

3. If another Activpen is behaving in a similar way, there may be an issue with the Activboard itself.

When Importing a Resource Pack, Do I Choose My Resources or Shared Resources?

· When importing a resource pack, import to MY RESOURCES. Importing to your “Shared Resources”, installs the resource pack in all users profile. Importing to your “My Resources”, installs the resource to your My Documents.


My toolbar is missing. How do I get it back?

1. Use the shortcut Ctrl +U on the keyboard

2. Click the layout tab

3. Dock it in the desired location.

My Browsers are missing. How do I get them back?

· Same as above or click VIEW - Browsers

Did You Know...?

  • Flipcharts with a “.flp” can only be read with Activstudio software.
  • Flipcharts with “.flp” or “.flipchart” can be run with the new ActivInspire software. Once a “.flp” has been opened and updated with the new ActivInspire software, it will no longer be available to the old Activstudio software.
  • ActiVotes and ActivExpressions will need to have the batteries changed when they no longer respond.
  • A torx tool is provided behind the board of the upper lid in the ActiVote case – a secret compartment! In the ActivExpressions case, it is located in the inside lid. ActiVotes use 2 AAA batteries. ActivExpressions use 3 AA batteries.
  • You can export your flipchart to a PDF file. Open your flipchart, go to the main menu, choose File>Print>on the lower right hand corner, choose “export to PDF”.
  • You can import a PDF file into ActivInpsire. Once it is in ActivInspire go to the tope right corner where it says “Best fit” and click the drop down menu to “fit to width”. This will let you write on the PDF document and the annotations will scroll with the document as you move down the page.

Registering the ActivSlate and ActivExpression(s)

ActivSlate Tips…

Registering the Slate

1. Equipment Needed:

• Promethean Activslate

• ActivPen (Included with the Slate)

• Promethean Software – ActivInspire

• Activhub

2. Charge the ActivSlate – The manual says this could take approximately three hours. Look for the CHARGED" message to appear on the LCD screen.

3. Connect the ActivHub – Connect via the USB connection. After a red blinking light, a green light should appear inside the hub.

4. Open ActivInspire Software

• Open ActivInspire and the Dashboard should appear.

• Click CONFIGURE Register Devices.

5. Register the Device.

  • Follow the prompts and screenshots to complete the registration process.

ActivExpressions Tips…

You will use the same ActivHub to connect the ActivExpression clickers that you use to connect the ActivSlate.

Use the USB extension/hub stand if the white control box connected to the Promethean Board is in the way of the USB port on the Promethean Board.

On the dashboard (view dashboard)

1. Click Configure

2. Click Register Devices

3. Click ActivExpression(s)

4. Click Register (the clickers will already be registered to the hub).

However, you can rename the devices:

1. Click Rename

2. Turn on all clickers! (bottom right corner of the device)

3. Click rename devices by the teacher

4. Click Next

5. In the text box “rename all of the devices using the prefix”

6. Type “RM_ and your room number” (it will look like RM_101 in the white box)

7. Click Finish.