Organic Meat and Milk

Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids - Bianca Sidoti

Article Summary

"Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids" was written by Kenneth Chang and published in The New York Times on February 15, 2016. The main idea of this article is to show the studies going on in regards to organic meat and milk providing more fatty acids to the human body than non-organic meats and milk. It is disputed that a full change of diet to organic foods will actually provide better health all around. Omega-3 is the main fatty acid focused on in this article. Omega-3 fatty acid is seen more in cows that are naturally raised eating grass rather than conventional cows raised eating grains. Grass contains more omega-3 than grains, giving animals that are raised on grass a higher count of of fatty acids. Studies are still being done to show whether or not organic foods are healthier all together.

Article Critique

The article's author, Kenneth Chang, is a science reporter for The New York Times and mainly covers areas such as chemistry, geology, physics, plagues and the like. Chang attended the University of Illinois to receive his Ph. D but chose to attend the science writing program at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Before joining The New York Times, Chang worked for other major popular journals like The Los Angeles Times, the Greenwich Times, and The Newark Star-Ledger. From his experience and schooling, Chang proves to be a credible author and well acquainted with the information he writes about.

Like the author, the article itself is credible proven by the scientific evidence Chang provides throughout its entirety. The New York Times is a credible newspaper sponsored by its own New York Times Company. The article is well written; Chang uses many sources from a professor of agriculture (Carlo Leifert) and a chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Dr. Walter C. Willett) to doctors who have published scientific papers in The British Journal of Nutrition.

All together, the author and the article written are credible sources of information on this topic regarding nutrition. The author has had experience and has credentials to be able to write about scientific topics such as this. The author also shows credibility of his article by giving an abundant amount of scientific evidence from even more credible sources being doctors and scientists. Not one of his statements are biased or misleading either, providing integrity for himself and the information he is presenting. "Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids" is a well rounded article and proves credible.