BY: Sam Schapiro & Harry Shaw

the internet is a lot like Ancient Egypt... People write on walls and worship cats...

The Pyramids of Giza

It is truly insane how many people really worked on building and constructing the pyramids of Giza... Most people would say 1,000 people but scientists estimate that around 20,000 to 25,000 people were employed to build the pyramids.

Some important Cities in Ancient Egypt

Some important cities in Ancient Egypt were Thebes, which was once the capital of Ancient Egypt because the Egyptians were invaded; Abydos, Akhenaten, and Karnak. All these major cities came in use because they were located near the Nile River which was the main source of food and water but it was also quite dangerous.

Dangers of the Nile

When you live by the nile there can be goods and bads. Some dangers can be deadly like the rhinos and hippos. Aside from those fat dangers there are stealthy crocs and alligators as well as cobras. Be sure to be on high alert when you enjoy your time in the nile.


A group of 10 laundry men where trampled and killed by 1 baby rhino and a group of cobras but thankfully we had a child there that survived and reported this extremely serious situation. He also said that the men where avenged when 5 crocodiles and 3 hippos sat and choked the cobras and the hippo.

Important Gods

Sun God, Moon God, Star God, Water God, and Nubis. these gods were important to the ancient Egyptians because they believed that these gods created the world.

Pharaohs up to no good

A group of farmers were killed today because of protest of the new religion that the pharaoh had just declared... They were beheaded.
The Great Pyramid has been stolen! - Despicable me
The pyramids of Giza shockingly went missing the whole world is under great confusion.


today we encountered a mummy and while we were uncovering it it came to life! When it came to life one of tour five reporters fainted and we just so happened to escape because it was a dangerous situaion