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A Few Notes From The Editor: Mrs. Scheperle

-This newsletter will be for this week and for next week.

-If you child has not told you, I will be out this Thursday, Friday and all of next week. I will be having surgery on my foot. The kids are all aware that there will be a sub (Mrs. Cole) and that she will try to do things my way - but that it will still be a bit different. I have prepped them pretty well so I think the transition will be fine. I will still be on e-mail next week at home so e-mail me if needed.

-There will be no spelling test this week or next since I will be gone.

-There will be no Guided reading books this week or next week since I will be gone.

-If you participated in the Six Flags Reading Club program (I sent it home several months ago) the forms are due this Friday. Many of you have already sent yours in. Thank you!

-Book orders are due next Tuesday, Feb. 23rd. I will have our sub collect them and I will put them in that night or the next.

That's it for now!

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Have a SUPER week!

Mrs. S.

Please help your child learn to tie their shoes!

In Other News

Reading: We will continue to look closely at the different parts of a book as we read. We will dig deeper into each book as we read to begin answering comprehension questions.

Phonics: We will discuss 4 different digraphs: sh, ch, th, & wh.

Writing: We will continue to work on writing narratives with a focus on writing in complete sentences and then adding details to our narratives.

Math: We are working on coin identification and money value.

Science/S.S.: Our focus will be learning about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and the symbols of the United States.

Upcoming Events

Nothing at this time.

Items Needed (if you are able to donate)

Nothing at this time.

Thank you to those who donated some glue to our classroom. That was so helpful!

Happy February Birthday!

Spelling Words

None for this week or next.