Rise Of The Gods

Gavin Rich

Rise Of The Gods

Once upon a time there was a greek god war! But nobody really knows about it. Nobody but me. Right, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Zeus (the Zeus God of all gods.) I am going to tell you about me, and my brothers Poseidon, and Hades fighting Sobare (the god of secrets and crime) in the war. It all started at 572,819 BC. when Sobare was only 7 his parents were killed by me, Poseidon, and Hades!

What he didn’t know was that his parents were evil so we killed them for safety. “I will get revenge!” Said Sobare. And so that happened 30 years later when he declared war.

I reminded my 2 brothers and the three of us and Sobare met at the hill beside Mt. Olympus. “I’ve been waiting 30 years for this moment!” Sobare told us. The whistle blew to start the war!

“CHARGE!!!!” I sprang at Sobare! But when I pounced I flew right through Sobare! It was a hologram! Sobare chortled loudly. “You fool!” “I can’t believe you fell for that!”

Hades, who has the powers to turn invisible, snuck up behind Sobare and knocked him out cold! “Who is a fool now?” Hades mumbled. Sobare spit out some teeth. “Any last words?” Asked Poseidon

But Sobare couldn’t hear him. So Poseidon splashed cold water over him. Sobare woke with a start. “Yes... you are outnumbered!” And he multiplied himself. “Oh yeah?” Asked Hades as Cerberus, his 3-headed hound, gobbled him up whole!

Gaivin Rich