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Why do people bully

By:Lilly Cheseit

Most bullies just want attention. Crash Coogan wants a reputation as the big, powerful, football star. Crash has a very busy family so he is left alone to work out his problems. Theories have told me that because Crash does not have anyone to talk out his problems with, he takes out his problems physically and hurtfully on Penn Webb, the victim of Crash’s bullying. One of Crash’s daily goals is to get a big reaction out of Penn. That is why I believe Crash has continued to bully Penn. One of the other reasons that Crash bullies Penn is because Penn is very different in his own kind of way. Penn is a Quaker, on the cheer leading team, and wears clothes from the town’s tackiest thrift shop, Second ’time around. Penn also wears a huge button to school every day. People think that they stand for his religion but no one knows for sure. Don’t be that person who no one likes to be around. Crash has recently realized this and has completely changed.

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Interview about bulling

By: April Smith

Hello, April Smith here. Today we will be interviewing Abby Coogan about bullying.

AS: So how do you feel about your brother being a bully than being able to change back?

AC: Well Crash was very mean to Penn, but it wasn't all Crash. It was also his old friend Mike Deluca. He also did a lot of bullying, but I am very proud of Crash for changing. Today our reading teacher told us about signposts in reading, but I think there are some in real life too, my brother has had a few of them.

AS: Wow, Crash sure changed. Is there anyone you think should also change?

AC: Well I think Mike should stop bullying Penn because Penn is a really nice guy so I think Mike should also change.

AS: Okay. So do you have example of Crash and Mike bulling Penn that you would be able to share with us today?

AC: Yes, actually I do. Well one time Crash and Mike put mustard in Penn’s shoes when Penn took them off. Another time Mike took Penn’s turtle and said he couldn’t get it back unless he ate meat.

AS: Well, Thanks for coming, Abby!

Well Thank You For Reading.

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