By: Sachreet Dhillon

Why I joined karate

I started karate a few years back.When a sensi (karate instructor) came and teach us. He’d been coming to teach are school before but I only started when he came and taught my grade 4 class. Karate always seemed easy to me I think that is because my mother was in karate too,she is a black belt. So I thought I should try it out.


Training is a big part of karate since it is the only part you really need to work on.When we train it is usually really fun, except when we almost have a tournament coming up that is when we start training harder than usual but it pays off at the tournaments.We train 4 days a week most people go twice a week but I go 4 times a week.When we train we do fitness, techniques, group sparring,wrestling,and sometimes we do kick sparring.Now the 12, 13 year olds will start doing Kata ( doing techniques with an imaginary person) because we have to do kata at the B.C winter games. Sometimes training is tiring and hard work but it pays off especially because in the end you will have a black belt.


When we get our belts it is very fun we have a ceremony when the sensi calls up the people getting the belt and gives them a belt in front of the class.The belts start at white and end it black. They go in this order white,yellow,orange,green,green with black stripe,blue,brown,and then black. We also get 3 stripes on the white,yellow,and orange but when we get to the other belts we stop because then we have to have them for some time and need to start having tests also because you only get your belt when you have been to tournaments and have done good at them.On white,

yellow,and orange we get stripes because they mean stuff like 1 stripe means that you are making progress 2 stripes mean you're ready for tournaments and 3 stripes mean you are almost ready for the next belt.