So THAT Just Happened.

Taking a quick look into the past year in whole.

So what did happen in 2015, anyways?

(Keeping in mind this article was done by a 14 year old boy who seconds as a total nerd, please keep in mind this is quite opinion based.) It was quite an eventful year to say the very least (though isn't every year?). With the Republican dominance in the Senate, the royal birth of Princess Charlotte, Windows 10, Amazon Web Delivery Services, electric cars rapidly growing in popularity, and the legalization of homosexual marriage, it sure was interesting. Let's take a closer look into things.

What did all the cool kids buy?

Perhaps not the wisest choices?

Movies that you definitely (hopefully?) saw!

Inside Out

So what if FEELINGS had feelings? You most likely read that correctly. Take a look inside the mind of a middle-school girl who has just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco and have your own emotions played with as Inside Out provides a hilarious yet terribly touching film that you can watch almost any time, and it's even great to watch with kids. I was going to take someone on a date to this movie and she canceled and I watched it by myself and it was still really good. My points being both that it's so good that it cheered me up from being rain-checked and that it caused an emotionally stable guy to fall to tears rolling down the cheek. Plenty of advertisements were televised and spread among other mediums for this movie... to the point where I could watch ESPN, Disney Channel, go outside to walk the dog, or even just open my phone to play a game and I would see something promoting Inside Out.

Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens

You could not go a day without seeing an advertisement for this movie, they were everywhere. I could go downstairs and get a Go-Gurt and it would have something Star Wars related on it, I can almost guarantee it. Despite the advertising making it so you practically were walking into the movie theatre by your television or phone telling you to, it was definitely worth seeing. I saw it once alone and once with friends and it is a movie I could definitely say I would go and see a third time. Don't look here for spoilers other than "it was phenomenal and I definitely recommend it".

Who's topping our charts in the music industry?


I could just put the word "hello" here and your brain has a 50% chance of automatically finishing the entire song at this point. School is at the point where you're more likely to be peer pressured into listening to Adele than peer pressured into doing drugs. Not that it's a bad thing, she's quite an amazing artist herself. Though she's mostly just popular because of her spectacular voice and the catchy songs that everyone will sing the chorus randomly to, she's appeared on multiple talk shows and has signed contracts with several companies that can now use her music to further push herself out there for the world, also benefitting themselves.

Justin Bieber

Hey, top charts don't lie, right? For 78 weeks straight, Justin Bieber has remained in the top five of the worldwide charts for music popularity. It's almost as if he gets half of his popularity from the sheer hate of much of the United States and the other half from the completely devoted fans that would give their lives for this Canadian pop star. Unfortunately, though we all wish the former could be true, Bieber and his agency are constantly on the clock for advertising for concerts and getting more music out there.

The most influential people of 2015?

Caitlyn Jenner

This cannot be a surprise. Caitlyn Jenner's entire public switch over to female not only won her a bravery award but also heavily changed the public view on transsexuality, and most likely for the better. Many people would say that it is significantly easier to come out due to this celebrity's cultural landmark of 2015.

Donald Trump

That's right folks. Keeping things straight, I'm not coming out and playing mister support a presidential candidate here... but this guy seems to be everywhere. Turn on television? CAMPAIGN NEWS. Turn of television and turn around to seem my father? COMPLAINTS ABOUT TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN. He's in several states a day; he's spreading like a political wildfire.

Kanye West

As someone with abysmal self-esteem, no one has every taught me how to better love myself (and Kanye) than this guy. Apart from not being a half bad musician, he could write a book the length of the Odyssey on loving yourself. Seriously, take a look at this meme. This is, more or less, how the world sees him (or at least my teenage acquaintances). Kanye only grows more and more popular over the internet and being famous in real life definitely isn't hurting.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

There's a reason people know him better as PewDiePie. Well, two reasons... if you count the extremely hard-to-remember name. Felix currently has 41 million subscribers on YouTube, and has upwards of 8 billion total views. Putting it in perspective, the next highest subscribed to person on YouTube is HolaSoyGerman, with 25 million subscribers. PewDiePie has some of the most-watched programs in today's internet culture, which happen to second as clips of himself playing videogames with funny narration. Not only can people say that this man has changed their lives (for the better), he is also growing faster and faster in popularity as time goes on and continues to influence millions of people's senses of humors and ways they spend time.

Kim Kardashian (West)

Okay, so we can conclude that the internet was DEFINITELY broken by Kim Kardashian. This woman is one of the stars in the television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, not forgetting the fact that she does countless interviews and basically has upwards of 100 people who've dedicated their entire lives to her (in the sense of being paparazzi). I probably couldn't count the amount of Instagram followers she has in my entire lifetime...

New Year's Resolutions? *cries*

Personal Improvements

I should probably address the problem I have with my terrible videogame addiction. Taking a look at December, I spent over 140 hours of games on my computer alone. Thanks, Steam, for telling me exactly how much time I've spent wasting my life away in the darkness of my room. Perhaps I will stop doing this and go outside every once in awhile and exercise? Hah, a guy can dream.

Family and Friends

I've actually been pretty awful to some of the people I've befriended, and there's no doubting the fact that I'm always super sassy to my family. Though I mean, who is actually constantly getting along 100% well with everyone? People have problems. I just feel I need to try to appreciate those who love and care for me much better than I have in previous years.

School and the outside world

Better grades, healthier life. That's all I can really say about school and the outside world at this point. School is a place to learn and get good grades so you can be successful later in life, and whatever add-ons that the school indirectly provides people with. I need to step up my game, really, considering grades actually count for quite a bit of my future now. I should also stop substituting several meals a day for frozen PB&J sandwiches from the freezer downstairs.