Ear Wax Candles

Ear Wax Candles

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Proper Use Of An Ear Wax Candle

The first thing you should know about the proper use of an ear wax candle is this: never attempt to do it by yourself. That's because it's tough to judge how close the flame is getting to your head (and your very flammable hair) when it's in your own ear.

Why, even Jessica Simpson in her now-infamous YouTube video using an ear wax candle had someone helping her (the fact that he was shooting the video is irrelevant!). So to avoid ruining what is supposed to be a peaceful and holistically soothing experience, have someone help you.

To Learn More About Ear Wax Candles

The best person to help you is probably the staff person at a local wellness centre or holistic health spa, because they have done this many times before. They will know, for example, that beeswax ear candles are the best type of candle for this because they are made of all natural ingredients, unlike paraffin wax candles which are made of petroleum distillates (in other words, they come from crude oil, like the Exxon Valdez).

They will also probably be able to recommend other therapies that might help enhance your enjoyment of the whole experience, such as a body massage or aromatherapy.

But maybe you insist on doing it at home, whether because you don't trust anybody else to stick something in your ear, or because you just don't have the moolah for a trip to the alt-medicine centre.

Find yourself a friend you trust (this was the part poor Jessica messed up) and ask them to help you with the procedure. As mentioned above, beeswax ear candles are the best to use for this type of therapy, also because they burn longer than paraffin wax candles and because of their cleaner, more "even" burn. Whether you lie down or sit upright during the procedure, you'll want to use some sort of a shield to prevent hot wax from dripping around your ear during the procedure and to protect your hair.

Once the flame has reached between 2 to 4 inches away from your head and hair, it should be extinguished. Benefits of an ear wax candle procedure range from improved hearing in the affected ear to curing sinusitis and even migraines. Risks involved include the possibility of candle wax melting to your eardrum, which should just give you another reason to visit the local Health & Wellness Centre where an experienced professional will take care of you.

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