Persuasive Smore

Should boys and girls be in separate classes ?


I disagree with that because we go to school for 12 or 14 years , if we get used to being around the same gender we'll never be comfortable being around the opposite sex.

Reason 1

According to 64% of the people say no. As i started reading the comments most of them say because they think we wont ever have respect for each other.

Reason 2

According to research , we can agree that boys and girls learn in different ways.Also normally girls tend to be smarter than boys, therefore that's another reason we shouldn't be separated. Scientist proved that having different ways to learn something you understand it better.

Reason 3


"Choosing the type of education your child should receive can be one of the most important decisions you make. For most of the 20th century, single-gender schools were thought to be advantageous to learning because of the different learning styles of boys and girls, and fewer distractions caused by the opposite sex. In 2011, however, research published by Penn State University showed that there is no evidence that single-sex schools generate positive effects when compared to coeducational schools."

Reason 4

I'm not saying i'm against gay/lesbians but if you think about it , if we're in the same class with the same gender there's a higher possibility that we'll turn gay/lesbian for each other.

An example would be how men in the Navy turn gay because they don't have contact to women . (

Reason 5

Lastly as we grow up and get jobs men and women won't know how to interact with each other . Their behavior would be differently developed .