Quest Update

March 2015

Mission Accomplished

Thanks to all the Quest students, parents, and both University of Hartford interns, John and Evan, History Day was a magnificent success. On so many levels, it was a group effort. Almost every student was given help from a classmate on proof reading, line rehearsals, costume advice, gluing, cutting, and technical, as well as, moral support. Competition is not the appropriate term for this experience. The risk taking and challenge necessary to take a topic related to leadership and legacy to a creative, finished product took a “village.” And now we will re-invigorate our efforts to help others with Type III projects, improve and prepare for state finals, and even launch new min-projects.

CT History Day: Torrington Regionals Sedgwick Middle School

State Finalists Junior Division

Historical Paper 3rd Place

Joey Lemieux: Cesar Chavez: Legacy of Labor

Individual Exhibit 1st Place

Thomas Wilson: Gone With the Window: The Legacy of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Individual Documentary 1st Place

Sarah Sampt: Jonas Salk: Spreading Hope One Shot at a Time

Individual Documentary 2nd Place

Cameron Slocum: Pete Seeger: Armed With a Banjo and a Song

Individual Website 3rd Place

Heather Flannery: Little Rock, Big Nine

Individual Performance 1st Place

Fallon Moore: Vive la Resistance! Lucie Aubrac’s Legacy From the French Resistance to the Leadership in Women’s Suffrage

Individual Performance 3rd Place

Lindsay Moynihan: Katherine Parr: Literary Queen

Group Documentary: 1st Place

Julia Kiernan and Christina Coburn: Harlem to Hartford Jazz Legacy

Group Documentary: 2nd Place

Rebeccah Fleishman and Maddie Langweil: Lucy Gets the “Ball” Rolling in Television

Group Website: 2nd Place

Helena Burke and Maura Fletcher: Sacagawea: Cultural Bridge to the West

Senior Division

Individual Exhibit: 1st Place (Conard High)

Sam Porcello: Pope’s Not So Ordinary Legacy: Paving the Way for America’s Mobility

Also participating

Braden Flowers: WWII: An Alliance for the World

Ryan Lafferty: CEO, Co-Founder, or Just a Cool Guy?

Emma Sibson: Seneca Falls Convention: The Start to a Better Future for Women

Madeleine Levesque: Eleanor Roosevelt: Founding Mother

Thu Pham: Albert Einstein

Lucy Buccilli: Isadora Duncan: Leader in the World of Dance

Kate Bronson: Walt Disney: The Man Behind the Ears

Andrew Colliton: The Singing Revolution

Aubrey Dulnuan: Jose Rizal: Hero of the Philippines

Max Mega: Harry Houdini: Legacy of a Spiritualist

Ethan Mathieu: Nelson Mandela: Leader of South Africa

Thanh Dao: Ho Chi Minh: Clear Vision for Vietnam

Chandni Krishnaprasad: Disney’s Dreams

Aarya Gautam: Catherine the Great: Russian Legacy

Gone with the Window: The Legacy of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany was one of the most well-known glass artists of all time and his genius lives on in the work of modern artists.