Fraser Island

by Liam Taylor


Fraser Island is located up in Queensland near Harvey bay. Fraser island is also near The Great Barrier Reef.

Fraser island is 120 km

Wild life


there is lots of different animals on Fraser island for eg. dingo's birds and whales.
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Sunset Time

  1. 5:38 PM

    Sunset Time At Fraser Island


Sunrise Time

  1. 5:49 AM

    Sunrise in Fraser Island

It is thought that the first Europeans to see Fraser Island were the Portuguese who mapped a similar looking island to Fraser off the East coast of Terra Australia.


Fraser Island has a hot humid climate cooled only by sea breezes. In summer the average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius and in winter the temperature can drop to 15 degrees Celsius. Most winter days are sunny and there is never any frost.

Fraser Island Fauna

Fraser Island is home to a diverse array of native terrestrial and water fauna.

It is not uncommon to see a dingo loping along the beach or a prehistoric

looking lizard climbing one of the island’s trees. The diversity of the island's

natural habitat supports a wide range of animals, many of which are at the

northern or southern limit of their distribution or are considered to be rare or


Sand Colour

The coloured sands on Fraser island occur north of Eli creek and comprise 72 different colours mostly reds and yellows. the colours are caused by the leaching of oxides that coat each grain of sand causing bands of colour.