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Kovar Story

In 1978, Kyoshi or “Master Teacher” Dave Kovar opened his first school with a vision to empower people by teaching martial arts on a completely different level than could be found anywhere else. His brother Tim, who brought innovative business practice to the operation, soon joined him.

The brothers’ reputation for combining self-defense and life skills grew. As the word spread, the Kovar’s opened new locations, garnered awards, earned prestigious industry accolades, and gained national recognition.

Satori means to be “in the moment, at your best” in Japanese. And this is exactly what Kovar’s is all about. So we added Satori to our name.

Indomitable Spirit

Never static, Kyoshi and his team continue to innovate and grow the various aspects of Kovar’s to develop its curriculum and outreach.

Kovar’s is excellentk for teaching more than just the physical aspects of martial arts. It teaches compassion, integrity, perseverance and self-confidence. It is great for adults and even better for children. I love this place!"

—Angel Boyles

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