The Creepy Old House

Found Poetry from The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

The Creepy Old House by Maria Tedesco

It was raining and that made me melancholy. (1)

I'm going to die of boredom here. (1)

Endless acres of green forest. (1)

Do you see what I see. (3)

It is a dollhouse. (13)

It felt like we were being watched. (13)

The place was creepy. (13)

There was a great sound of rumbling in the house. (18)

I couldn't tell what it was. (18)

I was told never let anyone in the house. (29)

Analysis & Explanation

For my fifth blog post this week I decided to read the book "The Sisters Grimm" by Michael Buckley". It is about two sisters named Daphne and Sabrina. Both of their parents went on vacation while they stayed home... and never returned back. They no longer had any family that they knew of. When they were young their Dad had told them that their Grandmother had passed away, that is why they never knew of her. But, one day when someone decided to adopt them her name was Ms. Grimm and they were confused. Daphne and Sabrina did not know what to think, was that their real Grandma. They did not like the ideas of going to live at a creepy old house with someone they did not know.