FH Library Learning Commons

Year End Report 2017

Another Awesome Year of Teaching and Learning!

We have worked hard this year to maintain “a learning space” that is both physical and virtual – a place where students, teachers and other members of the school community can meet to collaborate, experiment, discover, practice, celebrate, learn, share, work, and create.

Our Learning Commons/Maker Space is a library, a classroom, a media production center, a performance venue, a meeting place, a place for relaxed social group learning and intense individual research and study. We are a resource and a space for all learners.


Some great new ideas from Twitter!

Twitter has been and continues to be a source of professional development and new ideas! With an excellent PLN to share ideas, our Learning Commons and Teacher Librarian has stayed current and innovative.

The TL's Blog on FH Learn (http://www.fhlearn.ca/amonk/) has been a place to share learning with colleagues, reflect on practice and current educational issues and celebrate great teaching and learning at Fraser Heights!

New displays to inspire students and teachers

Plans for Next Year

  • Providing added support and collaborating with the teachers working on the new and improved Inquiry Fest (Gr 8)
  • Creating a FH Learning Commons Instagram account to add to our virtual presence
  • Establishing an ongoing relationship with the feeders schools through collaboration with Grade 6/7 teachers (working together on an Inquiry project that students can do during a visit to the Fraser Heights Learning Commons/MakerSpace)
  • Continue working with teachers on the implementation of the new BC Curriculum and different forms of assessment

Submitted by Angela Monk June 2017