Compounds and Characteristics!!

The story of science and the journey through it. 10/15/12

The Beginning

When Karmin was born, her parents new she was destined to race. Her heredity made it believable. Her neucleic acids proved it. Racing ran cold through her cells.

Three years later,,,

Karmin is ready for the big race. She is a track runner and today is the Texas State Championship Race. She was at her house getting ready. She got 10 hours of sleep so that she could have enough energy for the race. She ate toast, sausage, eggs, and she drank orange juice so that she could have enough carbohydrates and proteins which contribute to energy for the race. "ACHOOOOOO!" she sneezed as she walked past a dusty cupboard. "Ugh, alleries. I hope they don't slow me dow today," Karmin said aloud to herself. "On the other hand, I'm glad my homeostasis is working!" She replied back to herself. She had some phsycing up to do. She needed to be mentally ready for the big race. she went to the cage of her hummingbird. He was flying around backwards. "Hmm," she thought. She wondered if her hummingbird, Peachy, had always been able to fly like that. maybe he evolved and learned to fly like that.

The Race

So, karmin was ready for the race. she was feeling good for the 100 meter dash. Her biggest oponent, Sierra, was a very fast runner but she had alot of lipids at an ice cream party the night before and was a little sluggish. all of the runners got in the starting blocks. the starting gun sounded and the runners sprinted as fast as they could. karmin was right in front of sierra. karmin was very interdependednt upon her legs. dont fail me now! she thought to herself. she innaly crossed the finish line. She won!!!! she got a trophy, congatulated sierra, and went home.

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