Canada Lynx

By: Bryce Reynolds

The Raymond Zoo. Come Visit the Lynx Exhibit and see this beautiful animal.

The Kingdom of a Lynx is Animalia. The common name of this cat is the "Lynxes". Below I have displayed three different pictures. Two of which are just the Lynx itself and in the middle is the internal view of the Lynx.








Description of body for the Lynx.

The average size of a Lynx is

Height: Around 2 feet
Length: 2.5 - 3 feet
Weight: 10 - 25 lbs
Lifespan: Up to 15 years

The Lynx has various colors. From Tan, Yellow, Brown and also Black. Their skin type is fur. Covered with thick fur. The colors of the fur depends on the season. It is usually light brown during the summer and grey during the winter The Lynx favorite meal of choice is the Hare which is a rabbit. About 75% of the lynx’s diet is from the hare.

- The Lynx is a Carnivore, eating meats such as the Rabbit Hare, Birds and even Deer.

-Habitat-The specific habitat for a Lynx are secluded forests and mountainous regions.

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Senses of the Lynx.

Lynx have excellent sense of hearing. The Lynx can easily locate It's prey.

Lynx has sharp vision, which is another important sense that is used for hunting. Lynx is able to detect a mouse from a distance of 250 feet. The main reasoning for the Lynx being able to hear tremendously is because of it's ears. The Lynx has a great sense of hearing. Interesting thing is that the Lynx does not go out to find prey, it stays around it's own habitat and waits for it's prey to come to it because the Lynx is not very good at chasing its prey. when hunting, it hides in underwood, ravines, slashing of broken trees and only about 15 meters away from the prey, it will then immediately strike it's prey as fast as it can.


The relatives that are related to the Canada Lynx are the Eurasian lynx, Bobcat, and the Iberian lynx.

Threats to the Canada Lynx

Hunting and habitat loss are their main threats. Hunters prized its valuable fur and its meat . Humans kill about 11 million rabbits a year. The shoe hare, which the hunters kill, is the primary food source for the Lynx, and taking all of these rabbits away takes the food away from the animals.

Car hits kill many animals every year. Roads and road work split up the habitat of animals which make them pass streets and get hit and killed.

Below is the geographical map of where the Canada Lynx range is. They are found through out Canada, Alaska, and the northern contiguous United States This is a very beautiful animal.
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This is a very beautiful animal. To the left is another picture that gives different color and is a little bit more clear of where the Lynx is ranged..