Malware Is A Fraudulent Spam

Is Your PC 'Virus Free'? Maybe Not, Read On.

Malware Is A Malicious Virus!

Malware is a virus that sneaks into almost EVERY PC users Hard Drive at some point and time. Malware has the ability to sneak in and hide behind files, constantly forcing pop-ups in your monitors face, making programs unresponsive, and even slowing down your internet when YOU KNOW, you just paid the bill. Malware can steal your personal information, delete important information, and completely shut down your system. It's time to take a stand.

"What Does Malware Look Like? Do I Have It??"

Is probably what you were wondering. Well, sadly, Malware doesn't have a specific look but i can give you 10 signs that show you have Malware.

  1. Slowdown - Taking longer than normal to start-up, slowing down Internet.
  2. Pop-Ups - Unexpected windows which appear on the system screen are typical signs.
  3. Crashes - Programs on your system rash constantly & You get the Blue Error Screen.
  4. Suspicious Hard Drive Activity - Constantly running apps doing things you're not.
  5. Running Out Of Space - There are numerous types that fill up space to cause crash.
  6. Unusually High Network Activity - Running up your internet making it slower.
  7. Switched Browser and Unwanted Tool bars added - That's pretty explanatory.
  8. Unusual messages or programs starting automatically.
  9. Your security solution is disabled.
  10. Your friends tell you their getting strange messages from you or being tagged in spam posts on social media.

The Best Ways To Avoid Malware are..

Is Your System Up To Date??

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I Hope I Was Able To Help You Catch A Better Understanding.

Like i said, Malware, Trojan Horses, Virus' Period! Are Things That Affect Us Each & Every Day Through Simple Fraud Methods. Keep up on your Simple End & You Too Can Keep Malware Away From Your PC.